Operation 30 DELTA in force until April 4 in Mexico

Operation 30 Delta Medical Unit
A Mexican trucker is examined in a mobile medical unit for fitness for duty by a doctor certified by the SCT.

Mexico’s Secretariat of Communications and Transportation, through the Directorate General of Protection and Preventive Medicine Transportation (DGPMPT), once again has implemented the Operation 30 Delta during the Easter holiday period on all roads and across all modes of the Mexican transportation industry.

This operation will remain active until 4 April 2016. The purpose of 30 Delta is to insure safety and compliance by individuals engaged all facets of the, sea, rail, highway and airline industries in Mexico, which in turn benefits citizens and travelers using the highways and airlines.

170 SCT certified doctors along with laboratory support technicians will be conducting toxicological tests and

Operation 30 Delta
Operation 30 Delta, an operation overseen by Mexico’s SCT found only 0.2% of the 20,934 transport workers tested to not be in compliance with workplace rules

medical examinations in 84 modules installed nationwide in airports and bus stations and in 24 mobile medical units owned by the SCT and stationed throughout the country.

The purpose of Delta 30 is to randomly check the health status of Mexico’s truckers, airline pilots, bus drivers and other who hold Federal licences (Mexican CDL) of various classes who have interaction with the public in their duties.

The DGPMPT plans to conduct more than 49,000 blood and alcohol tests on transportation workers during the period Operation 30 Delta is running. They also plan to check blood glucose levels for symptoms of diabetes.


Operation 30 Delta is not new. Mexico Trucker Online has written about it before.

30 Delta is a concerted effort by the Mexican government to insure the safety of the traveling public by randomly testing transportation workers for drugs, alcohol and medical conditions on the spot.

Operation 30 Delta
SCT certified doctors conduct random medical tests on truckers to determine fitness for duty during a past 30 Delta operation

Airports have medical offices on site for the purpose of testing pilots for high blood sugar, high glucose levels as a matter of course, and randomly selecting pilots for drug and alcohol testing.

All the major bus terminals have similar offices that drivers must clear before being dispatched on their runs.

For truckers and others, the SCT maintains 84 mobile units that are setup in randomly chosen locations for the same purpose. Refusal is not an options. To do so, they can pull your license on the spot.

Remember people. OOIDA and Teamsters have long claimed that Mexico has no regulation of it’s trucking industry and their medical requirements are nowhere near as stringent as our.

Think back a while. When in your careers have you been subjected to a 30 Delta type of operation? When have you been pulled officer by a trooper and had that trooper call a DOT physician to the seen to examine you roadside to determine your fitness to continue working your shift? I’ll answer it for you. It’s never happened, but in Mexico, it’s a common occurrance.

Operation 30 Delta is put into operation during all the major holidays in Mexico as well as at other random times during the year.

In 2013, 30 Delta examined 150,000 transportation workers during the Easter week holiday.  Of those, 20,932 were long haul truckers and only 50 were found with illegal substances in their system. That is a rate of 0,2% Definitely not the drugged out and reckless truckers that OOIDA and Teamsters would have you believe.

Mexico takes transportation safety seriously, across all modes of the industries.