OOIDA’s Todd Spencer continues offensive against Mexican trucks with more of the same blatant lies and false narrative

Two Decades of Lies and Deception from OOIDA concerning Mexican trucks!

You can't fix stupid
Todd Spencer – The poster boy for “You can’t fix stupid”

It’s been two years since the end of the successful but totally unnecessary Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico and participants and other interested parties were granted earned long haul authority into the United States. But that hasn’t stopped OOIDA’s Todd Spencer and Teamsters James Hoffa from pushing the same blatant lies and false narratives against the Mexicans that they’ve used unsuccessfully for two decades.

After having lawsuit after lawsuit tossed by Federal Courts coast to coast, OOIDA and the Teamsters are looking to the renegotiation of NAFTA as their last best chance to stick it to the Mexicans.

They claim it is in the interest of safety but that’s a load of hogwash. For the Teamsters, it’s retaliation for not being able to organize in Mexico. For OOIDA, it is the bigoted attitude of one little man at the top, Jim Johnston and his sidekick, Todd Spencer. Word from the executive suite by those in the know tell us how Johnston bounces off the walls when Mexicans or Mexican trucks are mentioned.

Now we run across a letter written by Spencer to the United States Trade Representative urging the USTR to put Mexican trucks into a special category that will allow the bought and paid for Congressmen such as Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) to pass legislation effectively restricting Mexican carriers to the border commercial zone. No mention of the Canadian carriers, who have a worse safety record than the Mexican carriers.

Corrupt little Congress critter Peter DeFazio
Corrupt little congress critter Peter DeFazio, waving the key to the TEAMSTERS and OOIDA bank vault after once again bowing to their demands and introducing a bill designed to hinder cross border trucking with Mexico. Silly smile on his face reminds us of the Commandant in “Police Academy” when the hooker was under the table. Another Teamsters perk perhaps?

DeFazio  made this ludicrous and totally untrue statement earlier in the year when he introduced another resolution at the behest of his minders to shut down Mexican trucks.

“We now have Mexican truck drivers who don’t have meaningful driver records or commercial driver’s licenses and are not subject to drug testing and hours of service in Mexico driving in the U.S.,” DeFazio said. “That’s unacceptable. It is a safety hazard, and it is also a loss of jobs here in the United States of America.”

That is totally untrue in it’s entirety and it’s obvious it comes from OOIDA.

Below is an excerpt from Spencer’s letter on behalf of OOIDA.

“The original NAFTA agreement provided that the U.S. and Mexico would allow each other’s trucks to carry goods across the border to make deliveries anywhere inside their respective nations. However, the United States Department of Transportation continues to make unacceptable special accommodations to Mexico-domiciled motor carriers that the U.S. did not promise or agree to under NAFTA.

“This failed provision has allowed Mexican trucking companies and drivers that are not held to the same, rigorous U.S. safety, security or environmental regulations to operate on American roadways. Following the completion of a dubious Obama administration pilot program, Mexican trucking companies are currently taking away jobs and profits from American drivers and motor carriers. At the same time, Mexican trucks are endangering the motoring public. In fact, the 2016 annual DOT safety statistics showed that the crash rate for Mexican-domiciled carriers was 2.8 times higher than U.S. carriers.

“Mexico’s promise of an equally open border and nationwide access to U.S. motor carriers and drivers is, for all practical purposes, illusory. Since the original agreement, the Mexican border territory has become more dangerous because of drug smuggling and gang violence, providing little incentive for U.S. carriers to engage in business there. The state of Mexico’s infrastructure and the absence of police security in Mexican states far outweigh any economic incentive there might otherwise be to move freight south of the border. Additionally, Mexican trucks have been a conveyance for contraband and undocumented immigrants.”

I was prepared to highlight all of Spencers lies in RED, but reviewing it, the entire letter is one big pack of lies.

  1. FMCSA has made no special accommodations to Mexican carriers. They operate under the same stringent rules and regulations as we and the Canadians do.
  2. Mexican trucking companies DO NOTtake jobs away from Americans. Never have and never will (unless of course an American goes to Mexico and thinks he can work for a Mexican carrier)
  3. Mexican carriers since have been traveling US highways with legal operating authority for more than 50 years. Their safety and accident record is superior to US and Canadian carriers.
  4. Half a dozen US carriers have taken advantage of the equal access to Mexican markets and continue to do so. They have reported no problems with violence or other things that Spencer and OOIDA claim, which incidentally they don’t have a clue about.

Will they succeed with their lies and perjured testimony before the USTR? With the current administration in Washington, who knows. But one thing is guaranteed. Mexican trucks won’t be disappearing from American roadways anytime in the near of far future.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words and these photos, from thousands I’ve taken in Mexico, refute every damn lie and deceptive narrative coming from Todd Spencer, Jim Johnston and the rest of the OOIDA executives who choose to chime in on the issue.

Infrastructure? According to OOIDA, Mexico has none even though in truth, their roads are equal to or better than ours. This is Mex 40D heading south out of Reynosa to Monterrey
Southbound Mx 40D…. According to OOIDA, your risk your truck, your load and your life if you venture into Mexico. What they refuse to tell you are acknowledge is the Federal (shown here) State and Regional Police, not to mention the military keep a close eye on the highways and byways in Mexico
One of the many Mexican military checkpoints between the border and Monterrey and further south, manned by Mexican Army, Military police units and Naval Marines.
Todd Spencer and cronies busted once again. No rules? No laws? No trucking regs? Then why are these Mexican Federal Transport Police set up enforcing HOS, checking cargo for contraband and safe operation of the trucks? BUSTED! OOIDA!
More of that non existent infrastructure in Mexico and the unsafe, junk trucks plying the highways and byways here.
Spencer claims Mexican trucks bring illegals and drugs…. This is the Falfurrias Border Patrol Checkpoint on US 281. Truth is, every truck caught with illegals or drugs is good ol’ American and sometimes Canadian drivers trying to make a little extra money on the side. And rarely do they get away with it. Lose your rig and lose your CDL for life. Not really worth it. BTW, the rig impounded behind the red one had several OOIDA member stickers on the side. Imagine that!


They tell you there is no drug testing and drug use is rampant among commercial drivers in Mexico. They’ll have you believe this is no medical certification to obtain the Licencia Federal de Conductor, yet Mexico has had their medical certificate embedded in the licencia long before the US came up with the idea.

Consider this. How would you like to be drug tested on the side of the road if a trooper or DOT officer demanded it? Happens all the time in Mexico. A Federal cop decides a driver is not physically qualified to drive at the moment, a government doctor is called to make the determination roadside.

Bus stations, large carriers have medical officers on site to make determinations of driver fitness. We wouldn’t put up with this, now would we.


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