Teamsters President James P. Hoffa releases self serving and totally inaccurate statement on Cross Border Trucking with Mexico

Teamsters President James P. Hoffa, himself in hot water after caught using his position to offer union jobs, salaries, and pensions to bribe people for political support, released a “presser” giving his totally irrelevant and patently untrue rant in opposition to the upcoming cross border pilot program with Mexico. THE PUBLIC OPPOSES ILLEGAL, UNSAFE MEXICAN

TEAMSTERS & OOIDA comments will fail to stop proposed cross border pilot program with Mexico

The deadline for comments on FMCSA’s Proposed Cross Border Pilot Program ended Friday night at 23:59 with results being about as we suspected. 1,580 comments were submitted compared with 2,359 submitted in 2007. Very few of them provided salient objections as to why FMCSA should not proceed with the proposal. According to FMCSA, the purpose

CATO Institute – The Pilot Program on NAFTA Long-Haul Trucking Provisions

Comments for the Federal Register FMCSA–2011–0097 by Daniel Griswold These comments were submitted on May 4, 2011. Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the proposed restoration of long-haul cross-border trucking with Mexico in compliance with our commitments under the North American Free Trade Agreement. My name is Daniel Griswold. I’m director of the

OIG Final Report – FMCSA substantially met all Mexican Safety criteria of 350(c)

Once again, the latest report from the USDOT Office of Inspector General, verifies, substantiates and conclusively proves all that Mexico Trucker Online has reported about the safety of Mexican trucks and participants in the Cross Border Pilot Program From THE TRUCKER WASHINGTON — The Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Transportation said

Mexican carriers with USDOT Numbers

I’ve always said that the entire debate is an exercise in gross stupidity and I continue to maintain that position. Teamster, OOIDA, Public Citizen and other fringe “safety” groups continue to oppose 12 Mexican carriers putting 54 well maintained trucks on the highways of the US. We’ve also made mention of the estimated 1000 Mexican