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US Border Patrol agent arrested on bribery charges

FBI agents have arrested a U.S. Border Patrol agent accused of accepting $39,000 in bribes and using his personal vehicle while in uniform to drive narcotics across the U.S.-Mexico border in his patrol area. Border Patrol Agent Eric Raymond Macias, who was stationed in Deming, turned himself in to FBI agents Friday at their Las

Vice President Dick Cheney INDICTED!!! [UPDATED]

McALLEN, Texas-(AP) A South Texas grand jury has indicted Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on charges related to the alleged abuse of prisoners in Willacy County’s federal detention centers. The indictment criticizes Cheney’s investment in the Vanguard Group, which holds interests in the private prison companies running the federal detention

Reynosa Police Chief arrested by Federal Authorities

MONTERREY, Mexico — The chief of police of Reynosa, the city across the Rio Grande from McAllen and Hidalgo, was detained by federal police Thursday, according to Mexican media reports and officials.Statements issued by Reynosa’s city hall said Juan José Muñiz Salinas was detained at 1:20 p.m. by federal police officers. City officials said the

The Ethics of Senator Byron Dorgan (D)ND

Has anyone ever wondered why a Senator from a nowhere state like Norht Dakota, would have such a passionate opposition to a Cross Border Truck Program that will not impact his state or constituents in the least? I have. As they say, “follow the money”! These politicians rarely do anything for the benefit of the

Ex Border Patrol Agent, wife, BUSTED!

A former Border Patrol agent and his wife, who also own the restaurant Burger Patrol, were arrested Thursday on charges of conspiracy to transport illegal immigrants.An indictment unsealed in federal court Friday alleges that on three occasions in 2007, David Cruz, 32, and Susana Lopez-Portillo De Cruz, 35, conspired to transport illegal immigrants by motor