About MTO

Who we are?

Mexico Trucker Online was established in 2005 in response to the misinformation being offered as the truth concerning Mexican trucks, the Mexican transportation industry and Mexico in general.

Since our launch, we have became a noted presence on the internet, and have successfully confronted each and every falsehood thrown out by opponents of Mexico and Mexican trucks,  including OOIDA and the TEAMSTERS and thoroughly debunked their claims with documented proof and photographs to support our position.

The publisher of Mexico Trucker Online, with more than 43 years in the trucking industry and 3.5 safe, accident free miles to his credit, is privileged to have lived in Mexico for the past 20 years and is able to bring to the table a unique and truthful viewpoint of the issues, something those who write from their ivory towers cannot do

The publisher of Mexico Trucker Online has been vetted and acknowledged as an expert on the subject matter he writes about and has appeared as a guest on talk shows such as the nationally syndicated Mike McConnell Show and The Lockridge Report on SiriuXM radio.

Mexico Trucker Online is a free research tool and one of the largest sites on the internet focused on the Mexican trucking industry and NAFTA.

Following these successes we are determined to continue on reporting and writing the truth about Mexico, the people and the trucking industry while at the same time, continuing to debunk and expose the lies and misinformation of the isolationists and nativists that oppose free trade.

If anyone has any comments, suggestions or questions, feel free to use the contact form provided below.