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Hoffa: Plan to Open Border to Unsafe Mexican Trucks Is Reckless

As expected, James P. Hoffa came out with the expected denouncement of FMCSA’s announced Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico late this after noon, and Hoffa didn’t disappoint using his tired worn out mantra of “unsafe” Mexican trucks to lead off his rant. And, as expected, he is using the targeted violence in Mexico as

FMCSA releases Independent Panels analysis of Mexican Cross Border Program

An independent evaluation panel’s report on the U.S.-Mexico cross-border trucking demonstration project prepared at the request of Secretary of Transportation Mary E. Peters, definitively shows that Mexican domiciled trucks can operate safely and in compliance with all US laws and USDOT regulations. The report was prepared by Mortimer L. Downey III, chairman of the board

U.S.–Mexico NAFTA Transportation Agreement Imperiled?

The governing idea behind [cref nafta-for-dummies NAFTA] is to remove trade restrictions so as to encourage the free-flow of goods and services across the North American continent. Along the U.S. – Mexican border, however, the reality is that the ground transportation of such goods remains highly congested and drawn out. Long-haul trucks from Mexico are

Dorgan attempts to stop Cross Border Program once again

Senator Byron Lesly Dorgan, jumping at the command of Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa, offered an amendment to the 2009 Transportation Appropriations Bill aimed at shutting down the successful Mexican Cross Border Demonstration Truck Program. Of course, Hoffa and OOIDA are praising the efforts, but the effort at what? The current Cross Border Program is slated

OOIDA – Good for a laugh on occasion

I couldn’t help but break out laughing, or as Stevie Sommers puts it, “chuckle”, listening to OOIDA and LandlineNow on XM-171 last Thursday, I think it was, when they brought up the almost dead subject of the Cross Border Program. I think Mark Reddig was talking with their Washington lobbyist about the status of the

The Ethics of Senator Byron Dorgan (D)ND

Has anyone ever wondered why a Senator from a nowhere state like Norht Dakota, would have such a passionate opposition to a Cross Border Truck Program that will not impact his state or constituents in the least? I have. As they say, “follow the money”! These politicians rarely do anything for the benefit of the