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13th Mexican carrier earns participation in Cross Border Pilot Program

FMCSA has indicated it will be issuing operating authority to Sergio Tristan Maldonado operating under the trade name Tristan Transfer (USDOT#2348928) despite the frivolous and baseless objections from the Advocates for Highway Safety. Tristan Transfer will be the 13th participant in the Cross Border Pilot Program and will bring one truck and two drivers into the

FMCSA Opens Comment Period for Another Participant in Cross-Border Program with Mexico

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has published a notice in the Federal Register seeking comments on allowing another Mexico-based carrier in the long haul cross-border pilot program. The public has until May 6 to present their views about RAM Trucking SA de CV’s possible participation, after the agency gave it a passing grade on its Pre-Authorization

Streaking returns to Nuevo Laredo

Ray Stevens (The Streaker) would be proud of this wieney wagger. It was growing dark as two women, Ana Maria Arredondo and Idalia Mejía, walked by a house lined with shrubs, when the wannabe adonis, Ciro Guadalupe Hernandez Garci’a, 36, jumped out of the bushes and proudly displayed his package to the two shocked and

Los Zeta’s Recruiting in Nuevo Laredo ? Not likely!

Hitmen tied to Mexico’s Gulf cartel appear to be boldly seeking recruits by posting help-wanted signs in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, including a giant banner hung across a thoroughfare, a federal anti-drug enforcement official said Monday. The banner appeared over the weekend in Nuevo Laredo near the border with Texas: “Operative group ‘The

5 arrested in Nuevo Laredo kidnap attempt

NUEVO LAREDO – Kidnappers demanding a $10 million ransom for the release of a Dallas man were captured by city police Sunday.The victim, Sergio Diaz de Leon Rivera, was rescued after family members called police to tell of the ransom demand. The five suspects snatched Diaz de Leon Rivera in the downtown historical district Saturday.

Mexican police still patrolling without guns

CIUDAD MIGUEL ALEMÁN, MEXICO — Police in five Tamaulipas border cities continued to patrol the streets Monday without service weapons, nearly a week after military forces confiscated them in a series of surprise raids. But officers in Reynosa, Rio Bravo, Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo and Valle Hermoso have managed to maintain the peace armed only with

Historic La Loma prison demolished (15 photos)

NUEVO LAREDO – Since time immemorial, U. S. travelers to Mexico have been cautioned not to drink the water.On the U.S. side of this Mexican border city, however, visitors are also warned to stay out of trouble or, at best, don’t end up at La Loma (The Hill). La Loma, Nuevo Laredo’s municipal jail, became

Road Trip 3 NL-Celaya

I just returned from my third trip this year to Celaya and wanted to share a few thoughts on the experience. Driving in Mexico For the third time, I have returned from a 1200 mile round trip to the interior although this time it was not a trip of pleasure. A few things I have

Road Trip – NL to Celaya GTO

A couple of weeks ago, I took a bus trip from Nuevo Laredo to Celaya Guanajuato. The bus ride wasn’t planned at first but I was having problems getting a vehicle permit so the bus was the only option and how glad I am that it turned out that way. I took the ETN Lines