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The Circus is back in town – Comments open on new Cross Border Trucking Program

From E-Trucker The Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee is having two public sessions to discuss guidance for implementing a new cross-border trucking program between the United States and Mexico. President Obama has asked the Department of Transportation to work with the U.S. Trade Representative, the Department of State, Congressional and Mexican officials to propose legislation

Rep Peter Degazio’s response to the Mexican tariff’s

This is what we elect to represent us? Rep. Peter Defazio D-Or responded to Mexico’s tariff’s resulting from the Obama administration shutting down the Mexican Cross Border Program by calling Mexico’s action “illegal”! According to an article in Landlinemag.com Defazio made this baseless claim. “These tariffs are illegal and should be treated as nothing more

Mexican Cross Border Program likely to end, for now!

Further signs of the deterioration of America’s society and values were evident Tuesday night with the passage of the pork laden FY09 Omnibus Appropriations Bill that funds the government through September 09. Based on lies and misrepresentations by insignificant little men such as Teamsters President James Hoffa and OOIDA’s Todd Spencer, Section 136 pulling funding

Highlights of the final DOT Office of Inspector General report on Cross Border Trucking

The final report issued by the Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General on the Mexican Cross Border Program was made public on Tuesday, and there were no surprises in the report. Once again, the Inspector General has validated all that has been reported on this site. Furthermore, the report totally debunks the inaccurate and

[UPDATED]Opposition to Cross Border Truck program has nothing to do with safety or security concerns

Those who have followed the debate on the Mexican Cross Border Program, might have noticed as time passed, Todd Spencer and OOIDA for example kept changing their reasons for opposing FMCSA Cross Border Program. First it was “Safety issues”, then economic issues, both which have been debunked here and in other places. Jimmy Hoffa continues

“Politically Expedient Protectionism” – More support for the Cross Border Pilot Program

Congress deals blow to trade with reversal on Mexican trucks Does the 110th Congress believe it must honor the nation’s treaty obligations? Apparently not. The House voted 395-18 Tuesday to close the southern border to Mexican long-haul trucks, effectively reneging on the 1993 North American Free Trade Agreement’s promise to give Mexican truckers full access

Support Continues to build for Mexican Cross Border Program

The massive fraud visited upon the American public by the Teamsters and OOIDA concerning the Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program continues to make the news as more mainstream newspapers see through the campaign of misinformation and xenophobic pablum these two organizations have put forth. Since they do not have facts to back their position, they

Cross-border program at crossroads – Support for program exists in the industry and in Congress

When Congress reconvenes in September, it may break San Antonio’s economic development heart. A bill is pending a House vote that aims to end the U.S.-Mexico cross-border trucking pilot program that started a year ago — a program that has its roots in San Antonio. The U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee voted unanimously July