Licencia Federal de Conductor (Mexican CDL)

I’m sitting here tonight listening to the American Trucking Network and the Mexico bashing going on by Eric “Bubba Bo” Boulanger, a know nothing DJ who by virtue of a Class B CDL considers himself an expert on Mexico and trucking in general, and his buddy Rusty “Yoda” Wade, an owner operator who is spending the evening saying “bite me” anytime something is said about Mexico or Mexico trucking, and thought a quick post to once again combat and debunk their special brand of bullshit was in order.

No databases, bogus CDL’s, unqualified drivers, unsafe rigs, all the normal crap you can expect to hear on the weekends at America’s Trucking Network (ATN) is being thrown out tonight.

Consider the graphic on the left from a brochure available from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) which is a training tool for CVSA commercial truck inspectors to educate them what to look for when they encounter a driver with a Licencia Federal de Conductor.

Read it and be educated. It proves and shows how enforcement officers can connect to the LFIS (Mexican database) through either the NCIC or the CDLIS databases in the United States.

The instructions also confirms other things about he Licencia Federal de Conductor that we’ve written about here.

For that matter, if one has the 1. License Number and 2. The medical certificate number, one can go to the internet and check the validity of the Licencia Federal de Conductor. How simple is that?

It is so damned easy to debunk the rants of opposition.