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Canacar and Canacar Communica give insiders view into the Mexican trucking industry

The latest issue of CANACAR COMMUNICA is out and available for viewing online. CANACAR COMMUNICA is very similar to our own OVERDRIVE magazine and is presented in a similar format. Looking through the current and past issues, reveals some interesting facts and articles. In the July issue for instance, CANACAR is tracking the progress of

Mexico’s besieged police put to the test

Calderon vows to press war on cartels despite the body count MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s security forces have been swept into the eye of the storm since President Felipe Calderon decided to get tough on the country’s drug-smuggling gangs. Once-untouchable federal officials have been assassinated in the streets. Out-gunned soldiers and police have battled gangsters

Only 2 out of 1600 Police still under investigation

Just two of some 1,600 police officers investigated after the army raided police stations in five border cities last week are being subjected to “a criminal process,” the Tamaulipas state government said. Most of the officers were back on the job Saturday. The fate of the two officers was unclear Saturday as city, state and