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Mexico Announces New Rules for Double Trailers –

Despite strenuous objections from the business sectors in Mexico, the effort to modernize the provisions of the regulations covering oversize and overweight vehicles continues. Standards covered under NOM-012, NOM-036 and NOM-087 are being upgraded and modernized. Henceforth, the only way that double trailers can be operated on Federal highways is with special permission granted by

Hours of Service Revisions for Mexican Truckers coming in second Half of 2017

The private sector and federal authorities are preparing to unveil in  second half of this year, new Hours of Service standards for operators of federal motor transportation services, which will regulate the number of hours driving and mandatory rest times. Felipe de Javier Peña, Vice-President of the Transport Commission of Concamin, reported that the measure has

New initiative aims to curb abuse by Oversize/Overweight haulers in Mexico

Concerned with trucks hauling oversize/overweight loads that exceed Federal size and weight limits, Zepahua Lilian Garcia, a Deputy in the lower chamber of the Mexican Congress from the state of Veracruz,  has introduced a bill to reform provisions of Mexico’s Motor Carrier Law. Her bill would require that owners and drivers of trucks registered in Mexico

Operation 30 DELTA in force until April 4 in Mexico

Mexico’s Secretariat of Communications and Transportation, through the Directorate General of Protection and Preventive Medicine Transportation (DGPMPT), once again has implemented the Operation 30 Delta during the Easter holiday period on all roads and across all modes of the Mexican transportation industry. This operation will remain active until 4 April 2016. The purpose of 30 Delta is

Series of Bus vs. Truck accidents in Mexico has officials concerned – SCT contemplates lowering speed limits for commercial vehicles.

Villahermos – An accident this morning between a fuel tanker and a passenger coach belonging to ADO lines has left 10 dead and numerous others with injuries ranging from minor to life threatening. The accident occurred this morning at Kilometer 114 on the Ciudad del Carmen-Villahermosa. Units of the Mexican Marines (SEMAR) and the Civil Protection

Mexico’s government proposing stronger penalties and sanctions for non-compliant motor carriers

Following the lead of the FMCSA, government officials in Mexico City are considering tightening penalties and sanctions against Mexican motor carriers who continuously are involved in motor vehicle accidents. National Coordinator of Civil Protection, Luis Felipe Puente said in an interview that the companies would not only be fined, but they could have their motor carrier

Mexico’s nationwide “30 DELTA” results in an Out of Service rate of 0.2% of transportation workers

We reported earlier this month on Operation 30 DELTA, a plan by Mexico’s Secretaria de Comunicacions y Transportes (SCT) to conduct random medical and toxicological screenings nationwide on the countries transportation workers. The goal was to test 150,000 workers in the airline, trucking, maritime and rail industry. At the time, we thought this to be

Operation 30 DELTA to test 150,000 Mexican Transportation workers in July and August 2013

What to some might seem a monumental undertaking is happening in Mexico during the months of June through August. Know as “30 DELTA” by the Secretaria de Comunicacions y Transportes (SCT), the plan is to conduct more than 150,000 random and scheduled drug and alcohol tests encompassing all transportation workers from pilots, to truck and

SCT studying new methods for enforcement of weights and measures on Mexico’s Federal Highway system

Officials with the  Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) sat down for meetings this week with a distinguished panel of academic and industry experts to discuss ways that can be used to enforce the new weights and measures rules being drafted for the next 5 year cycle of NOM-012. The panel consists of eight academic experts, chosen

Death toll in Propane Tanker explosion in Ecatepec Mexico rises to 24 – Investigation continues

The investigation into the explosion of a propane tanker pulling double trailers last week on the Mexico City to Pachuca highway continues with details emerging. Secretary of Communications and Transport, (SCT) spokesman Gerardo Ruiz Esparza  said his agency has determined the tractor double trailer combination, a 2012 Kenworth  was in compliance with all regulations pertaining

Next Up – OOIDA Lawsuit tries to stop Mexican trucking using FMCSA rule not in effect – Hearing May 6

Oral arguments are scheduled to be heard May 6, 2013 before the DC Circuit Court of Appeals in the latest and hopefully last frivolous and baseless lawsuit filed by Owner Operators Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) in their attempt to bar Mexican carriers from the United States. The action (Docket# 12-1264) nominally mentions Canada and Canadian

Mexican Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) extends weight restriction on double trailers another 6 month

The Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) has extended by six months the decree that sets the maximum weight for double trailers at 75.5 tons, a reduction from the 80 tons previously allowed, according to a notice published in the Diario Oficial de la Federación (DOF). The Diario Oficial de la Federacion is the equivalent

Shortage of truck drivers being felt in Mexico as well as the United States

Victor Galindo Moreno, Neuvo Laredo Director of Federal Auto Transport Mexico (SCT), said in an interview Tuesday that drivers to haul cross border freight (conductores transfronterizos or “transfer drivers) as well as truckers to haul freight throughout Mexico are in high demand by Mexican carriers at this time. And it is not only a demand

TRAGEDY IN SAN FERNANDO – Truck, bus collide killing 6 injuring 19 on Matamoros to Tampico Highway

A collision between a tractor trailer pulling doubles and an interstate bus owned by TRANSPAIS collided this afternoon in San Fernando Tamaulipas killing 6 and injuring 19. Initial reports from State and Federal Police and units of the Mexican military indicate the northbound double trailer rig crossed the center line and was struck head on

Mexico SCT equal partner in ROADCHECK 2011

COMUNICADO 044.- MÉXICO PARTICIPA EN EL “ROADCHECK” INTERNACIONAL DE VERIFICACIÓN EN AUTOTRANSPORTE FEDERAL •  El Roadcheck es un operativo de la Alianza de Seguridad en Vehículos Comerciales (CVSA), de la cual México forma parte desde 1991 •  Forma parte de acciones coordinadas por la Alianza en las tres naciones firmantes del TLC de América del

Mexico gets serious about cross border trucking issue

The Mexican government apparently is damned serious about trying to force the U.S. government to present it’s intentions in regards to the cross border trucking controversy. Sources close MTO have indicated that Mexico is considering rotating its list of U.S. products subject to retaliatory tariffs by early 2011 if the Obama administration fails to present

Revisiting some of the myths about Mexican trucks, Mexican drivers and the Cross Border programs

As the Obama administration prepares to keep their promise to fulfill our obligations under the NAFTA agreement, concerning cross border trucking with Mexico, I thought it was time to revisit some of the misinformation and distortions the opposition has used in the past and is for certain to use in the future. We’ve all grown