Texas to revoke truckers CDL for smuggling violationsb

Governor Slick Rick Perry of TexasAUSTIN — Truckers who smuggle drugs or people into the U.S. are now risking not only prison time but also the loss of their commercial driver’s licenses as Texas uses a longstanding law in a new border crime crackdown.

“Up until today, when those lawbreakers had their trucks apprehended, they were convicted in federal court, they typically paid a small fine or served a brief sentence, then it was back to business as usual. Well, starting today, that all changes,” Gov. “Slick” Rick Perry said Thursday at the Texas Capitol with U.S. Border Patrol sector chiefs.

“If you are a commercial trucker who is involved in the illicit transportation of drugs or humans and you get caught, our effort’s going to be to stop you from being able to drive a truck again for the rest of your life,” he said.

The “Texas Hold ‘Em” initiative is meant to ensure the Texas Department of Public Safety, which oversees driver’s licenses, gets documentation of federal smuggling convictions so it can suspend or revoke commercial driver’s licenses under existing law. In the past, there was a gap in convictions being reported, said Judy Brown, chief of the DPS driver license division.

The Texas initiative already has resulted in suspension of commercial driver’s license privileges in Texas in five cases, DPS spokeswoman Tela Mange said. Two are Texas licenses, and the other three states — Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina — will be notified so they can revoke those licenses, Mange said. One Texas case was for smuggling drugs; the rest involved smuggling people.

Under state and federal law, people convicted of transporting illegal drugs face a lifetime disqualification of their commercial driver’s license privileges, Brown said.

The disqualification for smuggling unauthorized immigrants is a year’s license suspension for a first offense and a lifetime revocation for a second offense, she said. That’s on top of criminal penalties.

Another feel good initiative from the offices of “Slick Rick” which I doubt will have any deterrent to the problem. If they want to tackle the problem head on, why not do something about the leeches, like “Cadillac Man” in El Paso, “Doc” in Laredo Texas, who facilitate the relationship between smugglers and truckers.

“Alien- and drug-smuggling organizations are aggressively recruiting truck drivers using the promise of easy money, sex and drugs,” said Carlos Carrillo, chief of the Border Patrol’s Laredo Sector.

In these tough economic times, this is an attractive way to make a few extra bucks, but now, unlike in years past, the chances of getting busted are almost 100%. I see it weekly at the CBP checkpoints around Laredo, American trucks in impound having been caught with illegal cargo.

We’ll see how this “Texas Hold Em” Initiative pans out, but I wouldn’t get too excited about it. Only if you are licensed in Texas.

  • This was a long time coming. Finally someone steps up on illegal immigration. Texas Hold’em should put a lot of truck drivers behind bars. Before the truck drivers were just getting a slap on the hand and getting away with murder. Now things are different. Thank you Rick Perry.

    • UPDATE: Not as big a problem as one would think. In the 9 years since this program started, only 600 CDL’s have been revoked under this law

      • Emmanuel Lee III

        They took mine for life on a first time conviction and I was innocent

        • LaredoGirls

          you not innocent at all you are in charge of it from Mexico

        • LaredoGirls

          3 times u got caught last one was your conviction Monreo Emmanuel Lee 3rd

        • One time is all it takes Manny

        • Happy Smiley Trucking

          you got caught 3 times and smuggled hundreds of times

  • This has nothing to do with your illegal immigration debate. This has to do with trying to stop the smuggling of contraband which I fully agree with.

    But they need to take it a step further and a stop to the shuttle services that work near truckstops in Laredo, El Paso and the RGV which facilitates this problem. Not to mentions the 10’s of thousands of dollars these leeches make under the table and newver report to the IRS.

    This includes the kickbacks these morons get from the club and massage parlor operators in Mexico.

  • Emmanuel Lee III

    I was falsely convicted by a bias judge and falsely picked Jury in Laredo my CDLS were taken for life bias bastards and I had a California CDL the federal book says anyone caught in the commission of a felony in a commercial vehicle gets revoked for one year my year been up fake ass Texas today still has a hold on me my home state doesn’t the bias lawmakers fatten their pockets on the big boys and the little man suffers I didn’t comment the crime o was falsely convicted of

    • LaredoGirls

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    • I imagine you were convicted on the evidence presented, therefore, it is not a false conviction.

      Without regard to where you held your license, if you were convicted in Texas of a trafficking offense, you have a lifetime revocation under the Texas Hold Em’ Law.

    • LaredoGirls

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      • Happy Smiley Trucking


    • Happy Smiley Trucking

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    • Happy Smiley Trucking

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  • Happy Smiley Trucking

    I hope the government harshly punish all smugglers. innocent people died in the back of a trailer a few months back. Never allow them to drive again