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The Circus is back in town – Comments open on new Cross Border Trucking Program

From E-Trucker The Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee is having two public sessions to discuss guidance for implementing a new cross-border trucking program between the United States and Mexico. President Obama has asked the Department of Transportation to work with the U.S. Trade Representative, the Department of State, Congressional and Mexican officials to propose legislation

Thank you Americans For Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) for supporting those you seek to oppress!

How ironic is it that one of the anti immigrant groups, Americans for Legal Immigration, whose agenda, despite their seemingly innocent name, is to force upon the American public their protectionist, racist and nativist agenda, have allegedly been doing the very thing, they wrongly accuse illegal immigrants of doing, EVADING TAXES! And the trolls that

FDA destroying business on both sides of border

And no closer to a cause for the Salmonella SaintPaul outbreak McALLEN — The Food and Drug Administration’s attempt to target a source for the nationwide salmonella outbreak has effectively shut down Texas border tomato traffic — and that of cilantro, jalapeños, other peppers and other produce — even as tainted ones have yet to

Go south for cheap gas?

There has been much talk lately in the news and on the radio and TV shows about Americans heading to Mexico to partake of the cheaper fuels available there. This quote from The Sanctuary gave me a chuckle and went on to explain why the fuels are so much cheaper in Mexico. As nativists continue

The Great Texas TV Truck Race

A day after a fatal highway drag racing crash, a pair of local television live trucks were caught on video in their own race at a local drag strip. The El Paso stations, KDBC-TV and KVIA-TV, were at the legal drag racing strip Friday night when a crowd of onlookers apparently convinced a pair of

Wall of Shame

Local landowners and politicians say they are being ignored by officials in Washington with regards to the proposed construction of a border fence – again.Tuesday, the White House announced President Bush was threatening to veto a House homeland security bill that mandated considering local input on the construction of the proposed fence along the U.S.-Mexico