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OOIDA’s Todd Spencer continues offensive against Mexican trucks with more of the same blatant lies and false narrative

Two Decades of Lies and Deception from OOIDA concerning Mexican trucks! It’s been two years since the end of the successful but totally unnecessary Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico and participants and other interested parties were granted earned long haul authority into the United States. But that hasn’t stopped OOIDA’s Todd Spencer and Teamsters

DC Appeals Court “Green Lights” Cross Border Pilot Program – Opponents respond with lies and misinformation

This morning, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals gave opponents of Cross Border Trucking yet another devastating yet unsurprising loss in their efforts to prevent Mexican trucks from operating in the United States. Not all Mexican trucks of which there are thousands with legal authority to operate, but a select few enrolled in the Cross

The day the circus came to town – DC Court of Appeals hears oral arguments from Teamsters & OOIDA

Lawyers for OOIDA and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and their allied bogus safety groups such as Public Citizen were in the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, DC, on Thursday, Dec. 6, trying once again to get a court to stop the Mexican cross-border trucking program. This is not the first time these groups

Union Propaganda machine goes full tilt, but, statistics don’t lie. The opposition does

We’ve had a weekend since Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood released the “Concept Document” enabling the United States to finally uphold their obligations under the NAFTA agreement. Reaction has been overwhelmingly positive to the release of the plan with opposition coming from the usual irrelevant sources, as predicted. Immediately, the opposition chimed in citing job losses,

With the announcement of renewed tariff’s, oppositions spin in full force

It didn’t take long for the opponents of Mexican trucks, or for that matter, anything Mexican to come out with their discredited rants opposing the US fulfilling its obligation to allow Mexican trucks access to US roadways in the same manner Canadian trucks have been allowed for more than 10 years. Teamster President James Hoffa

Discussions to open border to Mexican trucks brings same old tired information from same tired sources.

The Obama administration has taken the first step toward renewing a pilot program that allows Mexican?truckers to operate within the U.S., as stipulated in the North American Free Trade Agreement, but still must work with Congress on fashioning a new program, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk said Tuesday. U.S.Trade Representative Ron Kirk told a news