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21 Dead, dozens injured in Bus/Train Collision in Anáhuac Coahuilla – GRAPHIC IMAGES – Updated

A bus driver trying to beat a Kansas City Southern freight collided with the train yesterday resulting in 21 deaths including two children and 26 others injured. The bus owned by Transportes Frontera #4146,, part of Grupo Estrella Blanca was driven by Jesús Carlos Fernández Rico, 39 who was transported by ambulance to a hospital in

All the pretty Mexican Trucks

On my days off this week, I needed to get away and relax and not having but a couple of days, headed to Monterrey Nuevo Leon. It’s a good destination, a world class city that can hold it’s own against any similar city in North America. It’s good to have friends there, especially those in

2 Iraqi Christians detained at Monterrey airport

MONTERREY, Mexico — Immigration officials arrested two Iraqis at the international airport here Wednesday who were trying to enter the country with Bulgarian passports containing falsified information, officials said. Immigration officers identified the couple as Soleen Poles Pate, 20, and Ramy Gorgeen Markos, 25, from the Iraqi city of Mosul. Authorities said they were probably

Major accident involving 45 vehicles in Monterrey

Editor’s Note: I’ve always maintained we report the good and the bad about the trucking industry in Mexico, and this time is no exception. Excessive speed, diminished visibility led to this accident which closed the major connection between Monterrey and Saltillo yesterday. One person dead. The truck driver is in prison awaiting trial which can

AFI links bodies to truck highjackers

An interesting story being reported out of Monterrey today concerning three bodies discovered with ties to a truck high jack ring. Others reporting on this would have you believe it is a commonplace occurrence in Mexico, which it is not, while ignoring the fact that similar events have been happening in Canada, without the killings.