AFI links bodies to truck highjackers

An interesting story being reported out of Monterrey today concerning three bodies discovered with ties to a truck high jack ring.

Others reporting on this would have you believe it is a commonplace occurrence in Mexico, which it is not, while ignoring the fact that similar events have been happening in Canada, without the killings. It also occurs in the U.S. frequently, although most times, the truck driver is involved in some way. There are many documented facts to support this.

Apparently, the gang used females posing as hookers to catch the drivers attention and delay them, so the rest of the gang could take the truck, sometimes killing the driver in the process.

On Monday, investigators located the remains of one victim buried at a ranch in the town of Allende, about 200 miles southwest of the U.S. border, Santos said. Two other bodies were found Sunday in a shallow grave in the nearby town of Mina.

antos told reporters that an arrest made in the killing of a man in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey over the weekend led police to members of the gang, who confessed to killing nine people and burying some of them.

He said that the group was not tied to drug trafficking.

Some of the murder victims were members of the gang suspected of betraying gang leaders to police. Among them also was a lawyer who represented the leader of the gang and lost a legal dispute over a business.

Investigators recovered 21 tractor cabs and 18 trailers, Santos said.

And that’s the way it is in Mexico. “La Plato o el mierdo”. It’s kind of the way it was in the U.S. during the reign of the New York Mafia.

At any rate, this gang is busted. The AFI, the Mexican equivalent of the FBI are on the ball as usual, but just as anything coming out of Mexico these days, the critics of anything Mexico will find a way to spin it to their benefit.