All the pretty Mexican Trucks

On my days off this week, I needed to get away and relax and not having but a couple of days, headed to Monterrey Nuevo Leon.

It’s a good destination, a world class city that can hold it’s own against any similar city in North America.

It’s good to have friends there, especially those in the travel industry. I don’t recognize the name of the American company I represented, but because of them, I was able to obtain a suite in a 5 star hotel in Monterrey’s Galeria section that normally is $2400 pesos per night and paid only $921.00 pesos. I could get used to this. Smoozing with the movers and shakers of Monterrey business. (Mil gracias carina)

After dinner at Atlantico Oyster Bar and Grill, located on the side of a hill in the Colonia San Jananimo, outside on the patio with an incredible view of Monterrey and its suburbs, took a drive downtown to the Gran Plaza and the new Paseo Santa Lucia riverwalk. A good way to unwind and temporarily set aside the pressures of work.

Total cost of this little adventure? About $150.00 all inclusive of hotel, food and fuel. What did you do with your days off?

I went to Monterrey on the toll road at a cost of $170 pesos for a car and returned on the free road, or “libre” since I was in no hurry. As usual, I had my camera at the ready.

As was reported by other sources, trying to make it sound derogatory towards the Mexican trucking industry, their turnaround cycle appears to be 12 years. Nothing wrong with that. With the proper care and maintenance, these trucks can go 1.5 million miles or more before they begin to show their age.

But it seems like the cycling of the equipment is happening now. Dealers all over Mexico have new units on the ready line for delivery to carriers in Mexico. Freightliner Columbia’s, and Kenworth Kenmex T-660 seem to be the truck of choice again. Aerodynamics are in, the square boxy look of years past is gone.

So once again, here is photographic proof that debunks the critics and know nothings ideas about what a Mexican truck really is. And to be honest, their opinions no longer matter. Nothing I do or say will change their minds. But the minds that are being changed are those of the general public who have absolutely no idea about the issue. And here is where we shine. While others are presenting opinions without facts, Mexico Trucker continues to debunk those misrepresentations with photographic, first person proof
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