Mexican Law Enforcement & Regulatory Links

sct_01.JPGSecretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (Secretariat of Communications and Transportation)

dgaf.jpgDirección General de Autotransporte Federal

logoimt20aniv.jpgInstituto Mexicano del Transporte (Mexican Transportation Institute)

sewcsecurity.jpgSecretaría de Seguridad Pública (Secretariat of Public Safety)

Policía Federal Preventiva (Federal Preventive Police)

The purpose of this page is to give the reader, complete access to the web pages of government agencies which enforce the trucking rules and regulations in Mexico.

From the equivalent of the USDOT (SCT) to the law enforcers, (PFP) or the vaunted “Federales”, a professional and dedicated group of nationwide law enforcers of which the United States really has no equivalent. The PFP has enforcement powers nationwide on all highways and roads.

These sites are in spanish and I am not taking the time to translate. But those with a serious interest in educating themselves can use the excellent services of GOOGLE PAGE TRANSLATIONS