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Highlights of MCSAC meeting point to success of Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico

The scheduled meeting of FMCSA’s Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee’s (MSSAC) subcommittee on the U.S.-Mexico Cross Border Long Haul Trucking Pilot Program met on July 28, 2014 and testimony given during this open meeting suggests the cross border pilot program, scheduled to end in less than three months will show Mexican carriers fully qualified and

Supreme Court rejects OOIDA’s bogus attempt to derail Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico

The United States Supreme Court has refused, without comment, to hear the petition filed by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) in their continuing effort to shut down cross border trucking with Mexico. OOIDA had petitioned the court for review of the decision by the D.C. Court of Appeals that rejected all of the arguments

Four more participants in Cross Border Pilot Program earn “Permanent Operating Authority”

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration granted permanent authority on May 23, to four more Mexican carriers participating in the Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico. Five of the twelve participants now have this earned upgrade. FMCSA issued permanent authority to Moises Alveraz Perez, Servicios Refrigerados Internationals and Higienicos Y Desechables Del Bajo and Transportes

OOIDA follows TEAMSTERS lead in asking for rehearing of their lawsuit against Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program

It wasn’t totally unexpected following the announcement that the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has filed an appeal with the D.C. Court of Appeals for an “en banc” hearing of their lawsuit against Mexican trucks, that OOIDA would step up to once again use the US Court system in a frivolous manner. That’s right boys and

Fourth Mexican motor carrier admitted to Cross Border Pilot Program

Despite the best efforts of OOIDA and their allies, the bogus safety group Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, to prevent Mexican carrier participation in the Cross Border Pilot Program, a fourth Mexican carrier has been allowed authority to participate. Transportes Del Valle De Guadalupe of Baja California, had been granted OPX-1 authority to operate

Three more Mexican carriers approved for participation in Cross Border Pilot Program

Three more Mexican carriers have passed their Pre-Authorization Safety Audits (PASA) bringing them one step closer to being granted authority to participate in the much maligned Cross Border Pilot Program for Mexican carriers. Higienicos Y Desechables Del Bajio, Servicios Refrigerados Internacionales and Transportes Del Valle De Guadalupe passed their audits easily and the findings were

Stop the Madness: A Public Thank You For Correcting a Broken Trucking Promise

By Cheryl Koompin – American Falls, Idaho Amid all the partisan fights in Washington over budgets and debt ceilings, the Obama administration quietly solved a $2-billion problem earlier this month. On July 6, the United States signed an agreement with Mexico that ends a vexing dispute over trade and trucks. It wipes out Mexican tariffs

TEAMSTERS & OOIDA comments will fail to stop proposed cross border pilot program with Mexico

The deadline for comments on FMCSA’s Proposed Cross Border Pilot Program ended Friday night at 23:59 with results being about as we suspected. 1,580 comments were submitted compared with 2,359 submitted in 2007. Very few of them provided salient objections as to why FMCSA should not proceed with the proposal. According to FMCSA, the purpose