Highlights of MCSAC meeting point to success of Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico

mcsac_bannerThe scheduled meeting of FMCSA’s Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee’s (MSSAC) subcommittee on the U.S.-Mexico Cross Border Long Haul Trucking Pilot Program met on July 28, 2014 and testimony given during this open meeting suggests the cross border pilot program, scheduled to end in less than three months will show Mexican carriers fully qualified and capable of operating safely and in compliance with US laws and regulations.

The meeting opened with Bill Quade, Associate Administrator for Enforcement, FMCSA presenting data associated with the cross border program that had been requested at an earlier meeting of the committee.

Following a break, a presentation by the Mexican Government represented by Federico Domínguez Zuloaga, Director General, Dirección General de Autotransporte Federal del Estados Unidos Mexicanos which no doubt had OOIDA Executive Vice President Todd Spencer, a member of the subcommittee bouncing around in his seat in frustration since the presentation laid bare the professionalism of the Mexican DOT and shows the world that their rules and regulations are very similar and in many cases, much stricter than we have here in the United States. This is contrary to the lies about Mexico that Spencer, OOIDA and their allied bogus safety groups have been spreading about Mexico and their trucking industry for more than two decades.

Fernando Paez, President of Transportes Olympics and the first participant in both the 2007 and 2011 demonstration programs offered a presentation of his companies participation in the program, accompanied by a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION of the Cross Border Program from a Motor Carriers Perspective.

From evidence of the success of the Pilot Program offered by Bill Quade and other participants. However, an OOIDA PRESS RELEASE shows the direction that OOIDA and it’s dwindling base of allies will take to once again try to derail the US from complying with it’s legal, ethical and moral responsibilities in regards to this program.

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