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Teamsters Prez James Hoffa admits Mexican truckers aren’t joking around!

We haven’t heard much out of Teamsters President James Hoffa since the DC Court Appeals threw out the Teamsters and OOIDA’s bogus and frivolous lawsuit pertaining to the Mexican truck issue, but apparently, his silence has been broken, In an article published today in the Huffington Post, Hoffa rants about the recent decision by Mexicos

Teamsters find the ULTIMATE reason to stop Mexican Truck program

James Hoffa’s mantra of “unsafe Mexican trucks” has been debunked and ridiculed. Mexico’s regulatory environment has been shown to be sufficient to ensure the safe compliant operations of their trucks in their country and the 2007 Cross Border Demonstration Project proved Mexican trucks were quite capable of complying to the regulatory standards and laws of

Teamsters President James P. Hoffa releases self serving and totally inaccurate statement on Cross Border Trucking with Mexico

Teamsters President James P. Hoffa, himself in hot water after caught using his position to offer union jobs, salaries, and pensions to bribe people for political support, released a “presser” giving his totally irrelevant and patently untrue rant in opposition to the upcoming cross border pilot program with Mexico. THE PUBLIC OPPOSES ILLEGAL, UNSAFE MEXICAN

TEAMSTERS & OOIDA comments will fail to stop proposed cross border pilot program with Mexico

The deadline for comments on FMCSA’s Proposed Cross Border Pilot Program ended Friday night at 23:59 with results being about as we suspected. 1,580 comments were submitted compared with 2,359 submitted in 2007. Very few of them provided salient objections as to why FMCSA should not proceed with the proposal. According to FMCSA, the purpose

FMCSA denies TEAMSTERS request for comment period extension on Cross Border Trucking proposal

Taking a page from his 2007 playbook, to delay and further mislead the public, James P. Hoffa on asked FMCSA head Ann Ferro to extend the comment period for FMCSA-2007-0097 another 30 days, citing 30 days to comment just isn’t enough time. Ferro denied the request, sending Hoffa into another juvenile temper tantrum. “Thirty days

Hoffa: Plan to Open Border to Unsafe Mexican Trucks Is Reckless

As expected, James P. Hoffa came out with the expected denouncement of FMCSA’s announced Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico late this after noon, and Hoffa didn’t disappoint using his tired worn out mantra of “unsafe” Mexican trucks to lead off his rant. And, as expected, he is using the targeted violence in Mexico as

Opposition to cross border program less than expected, but just as nasty

Friday, the FMCSA RELEASED CROSS-BORDER TRUCKING PILOT DETAILS and the reaction was basically “so what’s new?” except amongst the usual suspects who object to anything concerning Mexico. OOIDA Executive Vice President Todd Spencer released his usual whining rant making baseless allegations they’ve never been able to document nor prove ATA President Bill Graves issued a

Presidents Obama & Calderon reach agreement on access for Mexican Trucks

In a joint presser today, President Obama and President Calderon jointly announced agreement on a renewed program allowing Mexican carriers access to the United States as agreed under the 1994 NAFTA agreement. [pullquote]”The deal to end the dispute “is built on the highest safety standards that will authorize both Mexican and U.S. long-haul carriers to

SA Express News Editorial – Take action on truck program – End a self-defeating trade war with Mexico over NAFTA provision

Let’s see if I’ve got this right. James P. Hoffa of the Teamsters and Todd Spencer of OOIDA are correct in their opinions of Mexican trucks and 1400 plus trade associations, newspaper editors and business groups are wrong? And the aforementioned duo “speak” for the “majority” of Americans? I think not. The San Antonio Express

Comedian James P. Hoffa – Mexican trucks don’t belong on U.S. highways

In todays Detroit News, Teamster’s President and amateur comedian James P. Hoffa has a column titled “Mexican trucks don’t belong on U.S. highways” As has been the case over the past 15 years that he’s been objecting to Mexican trucking, his claims have absolutely no basis in fact. Now, he continues to engage in fear