This is the coldblooded murder Border Patrol Agent Jesus Mesa Jr. committed

Many may be wondering and indeed are saying in the social media, “What the hell? It’s only another damned Mexican” while at the same time, defending Jesus Mesa Jr. as a “hero”, much the same as they are doing with Mr. Andrew Paul Tahmooressi, who is jailed in Tecate B.C. facing weapons charges.

And to make the whole incident further disgusting, the Border Patrol, the Border Patrol union circled the wagons, issuing a press release justifying this cold blooded murder. They claimed that Sergio was on a “Most Wanted List” of human smugglers and “got what he deserved”. The glaring problem with that is that a minor child, which is what Hernandez would be considered, is not put on such a list, if it does exist and certainly, being a minor, that information is not for the public’s consumption.

Now, with this worthy decision by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, the family of the victim can continue their civil lawsuit and it is my hope, and many of my compatriots, that the family wins, and will own this cowardly piece of shit for the rest of his life.

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