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Opposition to cross border program less than expected, but just as nasty

Friday, the FMCSA RELEASED CROSS-BORDER TRUCKING PILOT DETAILS and the reaction was basically “so what’s new?” except amongst the usual suspects who object to anything concerning Mexico. OOIDA Executive Vice President Todd Spencer released his usual whining rant making baseless allegations they’ve never been able to document nor prove ATA President Bill Graves issued a

USDOT-OIG report NOT a condemnation of Mexican Cross Border Program nor Mexican Trucks in general

On September 24, 2008, the USDOT Office of Inspector General issued an audit report entitled REPORT ON THE SCOPE AND METHODOLOGY OF FMCSA’S REVIEW OF CANADIAN/MEXICAN COMPLIANCE WITH FEDERAL COMMERCIAL MOTOR VEHICLE SAFETY STANDARDS. Of course OOIDA jumped on this report with an article erroneously entitled Data flawed on Mexican truck safety reg compliance A