Right Wing looney tunes subverting the minds of America’s youth

NAFTA logoYou hear it every night on late night talk shows such as Rollye James and Art Bell and George Noory and it’s expected that some losers actually believe the talk about North American Unions, Superhighways to benefit Mexico and China and the like, and each time I hear these claims, I shake my head in pity at the people who don’t have the wherewithal to think for themselves.

But then I come across a website such as In Freedoms Cause, and it angers me to think that this bullshit is poisoning the minds of this nations youth.

The author of this blog, a 16 year old named Daniel Berkompas who describes himself as a 16 yr. old Reformed Presbyterian living in the good ol’ rainforests of southwest Washington. Beautiful country, Washington State, good people and a lot of free thinkers.

Danny has taken on the issue of the fictional North American Union and the Security and Prosperity Partnership, and for a seemingly intelligent young man, has taken the stance of the conspiracy theorists and nativists who oppose this fictional union.

Some points the young man makes:

Open Borders. They want trade to be able to flow smoothly and easily through the borders, without any more impediments than they can help. For this purpose, they have implemented a “trusted traveler” program, where Mexican trucking companies can register themselves as “trusted” and thereby simply cross the border, no questions asked. No checks, no stops, just breeze straight across the border.

The Trusted Traveler Program is generally recognized as a program where frequent fliers on US airlines can pay a fee and submit to a complete background check in order to obtain credentials to use expedited TSA lanes at US airports. It has nothing to do with Mexican trucks, Mexican truck drivers nor does it allow said drivers to breeze right through Customs without stopping or checks.

Perhaps he was thinking of another program under the US Governments “Trusted Traveler” programs, called SENTRI or Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection Well, SENTRI has nothing to do with Mexican trucks either. It permits travelers returning from Mexico or Mexican citizens access to a special inspection lane which uses a transponder to identify them prior to their reaching the inspectors.

Wait a minute. Danny must have been thinking about FAST, or FREE AND SECURE TRADE. This enables truck drivers from all three countries to apply for the clearance, pay a fee and receives an intensive background check in order to obtain credentials to enter the US from Mexico or from Canada and vice versa. Truckers cannot enter at will and avoid inspections. Ah, the frivolity of youth and public school education.

Danny goes on to make a second incorrect assumption:

# North American ID. In order to make it easy for Mexican truckers to travel throughout America, they advocate either an ID that would be recognized by all 3 nations, or equal status for all national ID’s.

Guess what Danny, they already exist and have for as long as I’ve been alive and they have nothing to do with Mexican truckers specifically. They are called PASSPORTS The US has them and they are accepted worldwide. Canada also has them as does Mexico. Mexican truckers are required to have them, in addition to a B1/B2 visa stamp, for which they undergo a background investigation including criminal check, before the visa stamp is issued. In addition, Mexican truckers or tourists are required to obtain from the US Department of State, an I-94 entry/exit document. Canada is exempt from both of these requirements.

The third point little Danny makes is this:

# Unified Trade Code. When you have a bunch of foreign trucks coming through, you need to have universal highway code that applies to them. After all, if there is an accident, would you judge the incident by American or Mexican law? The resulting unified trade code would trump U.S. law, making us subject to a form of international law.

Who has heard of a Unified Trade Code? Another example of the lunacy going on in the mind of Jerome Corsi to sell his books? And why does Danny mention trade when he is referring to highway laws and regulations? Of course, Danny probably hasn’t completed driver ed yet, if they still offer it in public schools in the US, but traffic laws generally are the same anywhere you go in the world. But let’s concentrate on Mexico as opposed to the US.

In Mexico, the national speed limit on Federal highways is 110 kilometers per hour. In the US, it varies from 65 to 80 mph. In Mexico, you never make a right turn on a red light. In the US, it is permissable. Stop means STOP, ALTO means STOP. The signs are the same. When a foreign national, in this case a Mexican, is operating a motor vehicle within the confines of the United States, he is bound by the laws of the State and the County or Municipality he is operating in. HE is bound as we all are by the laws of the State, County, City and Federal Government. No special treatment.

The same as when I am home in Monterrey or transiting between the border and Monterrey. I am bound by all traffic and criminal laws and statutes of the States and Cities I travel through. My Mexican auto insurance covers me in the event of an accident the same as a Mexican driver’s US insurance would cover him. Is that such a difficult concept to master?

And finally, Danny makes an absurd comment about the supposed NAFTA superhighway:

# Superhighways. They also endorse the building of massive superhighways, such as the Trans-Texas corridor, which would facilitate open border travel throughout all the way from Mexico to Canada, and the ability to get off anywhere in between.

Guess what? We already have highways that transit the US from the Mexican border to Canada. I-5 corridor. The I-35 corridor, I-15, to name a few. At some point in our lifetime, we will see a Trans Texas Corridor or whatever you want to call it. Our interstates are aging and some date back to the administration of Dwight Eisenhower. The country is growing and the infrastructure needs to grow with it. And one can imagine that when the great cross country interstates were being built, there were similar outcries against them. And where would we be today without them.

A Superhighway, Trans Texas Corridor, NAFTA superhighway, whatever tag you put on it, will eventually alleviate traffic congestion and expedite travel of all types. Maybe not in my lifetime, but it will happen.

But yeah, it saddens and angers me that the youth of today, tomorrows leaders are exposed to this type of crap in their formulative years. And after having heard Jerome Corsi spew his propagando numerous times on Rollye James and America’s Trucking Network, and occasionally reading his articles on World Net Daily, he is definitely not the type of role model these kids should follow.
Thank God 16 year olds do not have the right to vote.