Supporters of US Trucker Jabin Bogan ignore the facts, to try case in court of public opinion

Supporters of US trucker Jabin Bogan, imprisoned in Mexico and charged with illegally introducing prohibited ammunition into the country continue to ignore the facts surrounding the case while spinning a story they hope will hit home in the court of public opinion.

Most of us who are real professional truckers, cannot comprehend how Bogan, a relative rookie with less than 4 years experience, could end up with his rig in Mexico. After all, the route into Mexico is well marked and the route Bogan was taking would have necessitated a deliberate left hand turn off the border highway to put him onto the bridge.

Only Bogan can tell us what his intent was. But I think we can all agree that Bogan is a person with a slop jar full of stupid who probably shouldn’t possess a CDL based on his lack of judgment that landed him in one of the most notorious prisons in Mexico. Did Bogan deliberately enter Mexico with the intent of smuggling the ammunition? I don’t believe he did but what I think and what everyone else thinks is immaterial at this point.

The point that Bogan’s supporter and those who are indecisive choose to ignore is that Jabin Bogan is guilty of the charge leveled against him. Introducing ammunition reserved for the exclusive use of the military into Mexico.

Let’s put aside the how’s, why’s, wherewithal’s and everything else. Let’s ignore the spin from his family, the ever changing scenario coming from his boss Dennis Mekenye and the rest, who just can’t seem to get it quite right and concentrate on the only thing that matters.


There is only one answer to that question and that answer is a resounding and emphatic YES!

Those are the facts that his supporters choose to ignore, because, well, “it’s Mexico, and what right does a corrupt little third world country have arresting an innocent American truck driver”? I’m serious! You can’t make this crap up.

Enter into the fray Aubrey Allen Smith, a self described “truckers advocate and Dan Fuller, another trucker with an online presence. Smith, well known for his distaste and ignorance about Mexico and who never misses an opportunity to bash anything to do with Mexico, came out with an internet radio program about the Bogan case.

Dan Fuller, established a free web page to facilitate spreading the misinformation and catering to like minded people who think Mexico has no place in this hemisphere, much less a voice. Mr. Fuller’s justification for pursuing this is because he “remembers accidentally crossing into Canada numerous times in his career.”  While that claim is as dubious as Bogan’s claim of “accidentally” entering Mexico, we’re sure he’ll stick to his story, regardless that it makes him look as incompetent as Bogan.

But back to Aubrey Allen Smith and his little internet radio program. Carefully choreographed with dissenting opinion not allowed and callers who do not agree with his point of view, quickly dispatched.

His guests included Bogan’s mother Aletha Smith, Carlos Spector, Bogan’s US attorney coordinating things on the US side, Dennis Mekenye, owner of DEMCO Transportation, Bogan’s employer and Howie Glaser, the owner of United Nations Ammo Co., the intended receiver of the ammunition.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the players.

Aubrey Allen Smith: Continued to point out he had copies of the Bill of Lading, Cashiers check for the ammunition and other evidence that it was a legal load, that Bogan is innocent and must be released. Smith deliberately misses the point or chooses to ignore it because it does not fit his agenda.

Dennis Mekenye: Make the incredulous and unbelievable statement in a voice with a heavy African accent, that he was born and raised along the border and knows how mistakes happen, then turns around and say he’s only been there a few times. He further claims that he tracks all of his vehicles with GPS that “pings” the truck every “5 minutes”, which is unrealistic, because it would be cost prohibitive. He further states that his abysmally poor safety record with the FMCSA should not be held against him and hopes said agency will issue a letter further absolving his company of any guilt.

Aletha Smith: I have sympathy for the woman, as a parent who has a child in trouble. But that feeling of sympathy has a limit and the limit is reached listening to her in this interview. At times, it seemed she was guiding the conversation in a pre planned direction, asking leading questions of the others so they could keep their stories straight. And then at what she considered the appropriate moment, the spirit hit her and oh my God, all the hysterical testifying, signifying and glorifying while the tears flowed. Enough about her.

Howie Glaser, owner of United Nation Ammo: This guy, in my opinion is a real sleeze. He’s lost $100,000.00 in product that according to him cannot be replaced but everything is lollipops and rainbows. All he is concerned about is that poor innocent boy being unfairly held in Mexico.  Anybody believes that, I’ve got a tropical island in the middle of Wyoming I’ll sell you.  His company, United Nations Ammo, was established in 2007, right about the time President Obama was elected and the rush was on to stock up on ammunition for the coming civil war, race war, whatever war the far right wingnuts could think up. His inventory has little to do with supplying the hunter or sportsmen unless said hunters and sportsmen are out in the desert perhaps, hunting Mexicans or preparing to wage war against our government. Legitimate hunters and sportsmen have no need to buy online from a store that sells parachute flares, .50 caliber and lower ammo including tracer rounds and other things of a quasi military nature. And Glaser can’t decide what was in the shipment he paid $100k for. At various times it’s been ammo for sniper rifles, AR-15 and M-14  ceremonial rifles, which all of us veterans know uses blanks. In this interview he claimed the shipment was 250,000 rounds of .308 caliber and 18,000 rounds of .223 ammo.  Next time he’ll probably claim it was .22 caliber blanks. Glaser also misses the point. If it is ammunition, it is illegal to possess or import into Mexico.

Carlos Spector, El Paso Attorney: This man deserves and has a little respect from me for telling the truth, at least partially. He acknowledged that the justice system has made great strides toward modernization in recent years, which contrasts with Allen Smith’s assertion that it’s totally corrupt. Spector lays the corruption at the feet of the officials that inspected, discovered and arrested Bogan, and personally I think the blame is misplaced. In recent years, Aduanales Mexico, Mexico Customs has rid themselves of the old corrupt agents at the border and replaced them with college educated, thoroughly vetted and trained agents who, from my perspective and experience are dedicated to their jobs, and all have taken required courses in English.

Spector went on to explain that they’re “Judge shopping” hoping to get a particular judge in Juarez that would be sympathetic to Bogan’s case. Now, in my mind, that’s corrupt but I doubt if we hear Allen Smith or the rest complain since the corruption would benefit his cause. Hypocrisy anyone?

Spector also confirmed what I’ve said before. The load of ammunition is gone, confiscated, hasta la buh bye… To bad so sad, sucks to be you Howie, and this is a good thing. There is no telling how many lives will be saved in the deserts of Arizona, in Mexico and in the rest of the US with this crap off the streets.

Where Spector loses my respect was when he revealed his plans going forward. He stated that as soon as information is received, he’ll urge everyone to flood the Mexican prosecutors, the court the case is assigned to and the judge with phone calls, email and snail mail, demanding Bogan’s quick release.

Considering some of the comments we’ve seen around the internet regarding Mexican trucks, Bogan and other issues regarding Mexico, this kind of support could help Bogan get the full 30 year sentence.

At the end of the day though, Allen Smith and the rest can beat their chests, shout their demands and probably, profit from Jabin Bogan’s situation and they will still refuse to acknowledge one very simple but vital fact, and that is that Jabin Bogan Akeem is guilty of the crime he is charged with.