Mexico Truck Driving School

There seems to be some concern over this truck driver training school filing the airwaves with callers to the Steve Sommers Show on America’s Trucking Network.

As can be expected from this crowd, the assumption was that this is a school dedicated to training Mexicans, both legal and illegal to drive our trucks and operate as part of the cross border program. As with so many opinions offered on this show, the callers were DEAD WRONG! Once again, their prejudices got in the way of common sense. I will commend Steve for staying neutral on the subject and only passing along what information he could find, which was a short review on a “spam” page.

Since it is always our policy at Mexico Trucker to not make a comment without facts to back up what we say, and admittedly, it piqued my interest about a school with this name,so I called Mexico Truck Driving School.

The phone was answered by a very nice lady by the name of Denise who said the owner was out of the country at the moment on vacation in Brazil and was expected to return this afternoon.

As we talked, I learned that Mexico Truck Driving School recently changed it’s name to Atlanta Truck Driving School , in part, to distance itself from the hysteria surrounding anything perceived to be Mexican in these times we live in.

The school, is one of only 9 truck driving schools in Georgia to be approved for CDL training by the Georgia Department of Driver Services

Speaking with Denise, I learned that they have no Mexican students enrolled and that all of their students are either black or white. Hear that people! You can sleep easy tonight! THEY DO NOT TRAIN ILLEGAL ALIENS TO DRIVE OUR TRUCKS INTO MEXICO for 20 cpm!

So how did the former Mexico Truck Driving School get it’s name? A simply answer. The owner was born in Mexico before coming to the U.S. legally and living in the Chicago area for more than 40 years. He named the school after his country of birth. I think we all know how difficult it is to think up a name for a new business. And who would have thought, the mere name would cause so much concern.

So there you have it folks. The former Mexico Truck Driving School, now known as ATLANTA TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL is just that. Another truck driving school training legal American citizens who desire a career in the trucking industry following the guidelines established by the State of Georgia for such an enterprise.

Tuition is competitive and financial assistance is available from various sources.


2251 Sylvan Road

East Point, Georgia 30344


Hey, I might even drop in to say hi to these folks next time I’m in the Atlanta area and check out their operation. Besides, Denise sounds like a real cutie!