Another senseless murder of unarmed teen – shot in back 7 times by US Border Patrol

Authorities with body of 16 year old shot by US Border Patrol
Authorities in Nogales Sonora investigate the murder of Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez , 16, by US Border Patrol agents who indiscriminately fired across the US border into Mexico stiking Rodriguez 7 times in the back.
Once again, with blatant disregard for a human life, human rights or an allied nations sovereignty, US Border Patrol agents have murdered a Mexican teenager in another cross border shooting.

The agents in Nogales, Ariz., had responded to reports of two suspected drugs smugglers near the border at about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday. The agents watched the two abandon a load of narcotics, then run back to Mexico, according to the Border Patrol. An 8 foot barb wire topped fence separates the border in this location.

Bullet holes in medical clinic in Nogales Sonora
A resident points to bullet holes in medical clinic on International Blvd in Nogales Sonora where 16 year old Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez was murdered, shot in the back 7 times by US Border Patrol agents
People on the south side of the border fence then allegedly began throwing rocks at the agents and ignored orders to stop, according to a self serving boilerplate release from the Border Patrol.. One agent indiscriminately opened fire shooting 16 year old Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez in the back. Rodriguez was across International Boulevard from the border when he was shot. A medical clinic the boy was standing in front of showed more than half a dozen bullet strikes from the agents weapons.

There was no indication that Rodriguez had participated in the alleged rock throwing or was one of those involved in the smuggling attempt.

This is the third incident since September where the Border Patrol has murdered innocent civilians on Mexican soil, using the worn out and highly suspect excuse that “rocks were thrown.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry issued a statement protesting the latest murder in the strongest possible terms saying “The disproportionate use of lethal force in the exercise of immigration control functions is unacceptable under any circumstances and forcefully condemned” the shooting and calling such deaths “a serious bilateral problem.” Both the FBI and Mexican authorities are conducting a parallel investigation.

Fence between Nogales Arizona and Nogales Sonora
Fence separating the twin cities of Nogales close to where US Border Patrol agents murdered 16 year old Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez .AC
Sonora state police released a statement saying they found Elena Rodriguez’s body, “with various gunshot wounds on different parts of the body,” shortly after 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, lying next to the curb on Calle Internacional, a street that runs along the border fence. The body was found four blocks from the border crossing in downtown Nogales, at a spot where there is roughly a 10-foot vertical drop from the base of the fence to the street below.

As is usual, Border Patrol has shut out the media, refusing to respond to what type of weapon was used or whether the agent has been put on administrative leave at this point.

The standard service firearm for Border Patrol agents is the .40-caliber Heckler & Koch pistol, which carries a 14-round magazine. Agents also have the option to carry an M-4 carbine identical to the one used by the U.S. Army, which has semiautomatic and automatic settings,

Border Patrol agents have access to non-lethal alternatives. In May of last year, for instance, a Nogales-based Border Patrol agent fired several rounds from a pepper-ball launcher at a suspected drug smuggler who was throwing rocks at him, and completed the drug seizure without injuries on either side.


In the past two years, Border Patrol agents have been busy indiscriminately killing unarmed Mexican civilians using the flimsy excuse of “rocks being thrown”.

Ramses Barrón Torres, 17, was killed on Jan. 5, 2011, as he was trying to cross the border fence in Nogales.

A year before Torres’ death, Border Patrol agent Miguel Torres-Vasquez shot and killed Jorge Alfredo Solís Palma, 28, near Douglas.

In March 2011, Border Patrol agent Lucas Tidwell shot Carlos La Madrid three times, twice in the back and once in the back of his thigh, as he climbed a ladder on the U.S.-Mexico border fence in Douglas. La Madrid was a US citizen.

In 2009, in southern Arizona, Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Corbett, a man with an extensive record of domestic violence and a stated hatred of Mexicans, shot and killed Francisco Dominguez as Dominguez was kneeling as ordered in front of Corbett. Two trials ended in mistrials and Corbett continues to do a disservice to the United States as a Us Border Patrol Agent.


Valeria-Monique-Alvarado murder by US Border Patrol Agent Justin Tackett
Valeria-Monique-Alvarado, 32, mother of 5, shot in the face 9 times by US Border Patrol Agent Justin Tackett.
An incident that received little coverage in Texas was the murder of a 32 year old mother of 5, Valeria Monique Alvarado by plain clothes members of the Border Patrol.

A group of men approached Alvarado’s vehicle in San Diego, one of them waving a gun and demanding she stop. Fearing for her safety, she took off and one of the plain clothes agents threw himself on the hood of her car and fired into her face nine times, killing her.

The agent has been identified as Justin Tackett.

Justin Tackett has a record that should make the average “patriots” breast swell with pride.

According to a report in the San Diego Union-Tribune, Tackett, a former Imperial County (California) deputy sheriff, was suspended four times for misconduct during a nearly four-year stint as a sheriff’s deputy and quit before being fired.

Attorney Eugene Iredale who has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Border Patrol said in an interview this week that the court records surrounding Tackett’s departure from the Imperial County Sheriff’s Department show that as a deputy he was “reckless, with a temperament inappropriate for law enforcement work.”

“He was involved in mistake after mistake, misconduct after misconduct. He should never had been hired by the Border Patrol,” Iredale said.

Tackett was a Sheriff’s Department court bailiff and patrol deputy from January 2000 through December 2003. The next year, he filed suit against the county and the department, alleging wrongful termination, racial discrimination, retaliation for being a whistle-blower and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Court records show the Sheriff’s Department suspended Tackett two of the five times he crashed a patrol car on duty and once after an altercation with a Brawley resident. In 2002, the department said he was suspended for 30 days for lying to supervisors over an incident involving a probation search.

In 2003, a county prosecutor rejected one of Tackett’s drug arrests, saying the number of times the deputy violated the suspect’s rights were “almost too numerous to list.” The deputy was issued a termination notice after that incident, but he quit before being fired.

Tackett lost his wrongful termination case two years later without going to trial. A federal judge in San Diego entered a judgment in favor of Imperial County and the Sheriff’s Department, saying the deputy’s lawsuit had failed to provide evidence of his claims.

The dismissal of Tackett’s frivolous lawsuit against the country can been read here.

With the Border Patrol hiring such upstanding citizens as Tackett and the others mentioned, it’s no wonder so many Mexican nationals are losing their lives at the hands of these cretins.