Shortage of truck drivers being felt in Mexico as well as the United States

Victor Galindo Moreno SCT
Victor Galindo Moreno, head of the Tamaulipas delegation of the SCT (Mexico’s DOT) spoke of the increasing shortage of truck drivers in Mexico to work for the national fleets and the border drayage companies.
Victor Galindo Moreno, Neuvo Laredo Director of Federal Auto Transport Mexico (SCT), said in an interview Tuesday that drivers to haul cross border freight (conductores transfronterizos or “transfer drivers) as well as truckers to haul freight throughout Mexico are in high demand by Mexican carriers at this time.

And it is not only a demand for drivers to work for the Mexican national fleets and cross border local drayage, but Mexican companies are looking for drivers to carry freight into the interior of the United States under the Cross Border Pilot Program and beyond.

For the drivers who can work in the United States, the pay is $0.30 cents per mile (not the $.05 to $.12 cents per mile OOIDA and the Teamsters claim) and for some, this is paid in dollars. With the exchange rate, this averages out to about $.39 mxn per mile, with benefits mandated under Mexican labor law.

The requirements? A Licencia Federal de Conductor with international endorsement, US Laser Visa, work permit and ability to speak and understand basic English.

According to Victor Galindo, currently the SCT has more than 21,000 commercial rigs licensed for Federal Public Service in the Tamaulipas sector which covers the area from Matamoros to Nuevo Laredo and more than 22,000 drivers holding Federal Licenses to operate these vehicles.

Visitors to the offices of the SCT on Av Camargo in Nuevo Laredo are greeted with a bulletin board listing hundreds of opening.

“Fiesta Freight” solicits class A drivers to operate within the United States. Pay is $0.30 a mile and the requirement are to have a Class A CDL, Laser Visa and basic English.

Another ad for “Carmi Logistics” solicits Class B drivers for cross border transfers requiring the applicant to be between the ages of 24 to 45 with a minimum of 3 years experience and a laser visa.

With cross border trade increasing an average of 8% a year with not end in sight, the shortage of truckers in Mexico will be at least as severe as the projection for the United States.

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