Petition Demands USDOJ Investigate and Prosecute Leaders of Ride for the Constitution for Theft, Fraud and other crimes

Peter Santilli
Peter Santilli – Pulling the strings behind the Ride for the Constitution and Truckers to Shutdown America is your garden variety wingnut and a totally irrelevant little man.

A petition has been established asking the United State Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute those involved in organizing and soliciting donations for this past weekends “Ride For The Constitution” originally known as “Truckers to Shutdown America”.

The petition demands that the USDOJ investigate and prosecute the non trucking founders of the groups, Pete Santilli, Zeeda Andrews & Craig Rosenfeld for fraud and theft by deception for collecting moneys in connection with the botched truckers convoy this past weekend in Washington DC.

It also alleges that in addition to the solicitation for donation at they set up similar solicitations on You Caring and using the underground currency BITCOINS

They last accounting on the first website shows more than $8,000.00 collected in the first few days. The Youcaring solicitation showed $4,248.00 as being collected.

The money was supposed to be disbursed completely by Zeeda Andrews to help convoy participants with fuel costs.

Granted, these are small sums but it is estimated that the donation efforts netted more than $500,000.00 that is not accounted for. Reading some of the comments posted on the petition site, it is not a stretch of the imagination that this amount could have disappeared.

Chris Tanner

Please get these scumabgs i donated 500.00 to them and they stole it all.

Terry Fisker

They took 100.00 of mine and none of it went to any truckers I have heard about. A total scam. As well, they are still soliciting donations on the site as of Monday morning, they are saying donations can still be made to help truckers get home. What the hell, are they going to send them a check? This is the biggest load of crap I have ever seen! They even have fake postings on their Facebook page saying ‘I just donated to help them truckers get home, you should donate too’ How are they allowed to get away with this?????

Mike Terraney

why did they do this. i drove there out of my own pocket, donoted money, couldnt get my ebt card to work, tried to call to get a few dollars for a hot meal and no one would respond. how nice. after i originally donated as well. thanks. you got my signature, frauds need to go to jail. worst of the worst.

THE PRICE OF LIBERTY blog broke the allegations that Santilli had absconded with the funds collected for the effort a couple of days ago. Since then, numerous websites have picked up on the story and it’s on the verge of going viral.

In a completely-shocking  turn of events, Peter Santilli shut down the donation page Saturday night for his website

As he broadcasted live throughout the weekend, many callers and users of his live chat asked where the help was being provided. Gilberton, PA was the location where former police chief Mark Kessler would be assisting drivers by providing fuel for the truckers.

Suspect, supporters of Santilli began to question where the money they had been donating all week was going. Although Santilli affirmed his audience that Zeeda and Hesher (two assistant radio jockeys) were on top of things, no proof has been proffered by either Santilli or anyone he has claimed to help.

Within ten minutes of banning users on the chat who called Santilli a “scam artist,” the donation page was shut down. Estimates throughout the week ascertained from comments made live and online by Santilli (and others) put the sum of funds near $500,000 and, with no one to account for its whereabouts, it is unknown just how much money is actually located where. Funds have been transferred via PayPal and even Bitcoin.

Before taking a break for the evening on his radio show, Santilli told Zeeda to go out and spend some money. After claiming all evening that he didn’t have access to the funds, he is now encouraging Zeeda to make expenditures on behalf of RFTC.

Santilli tells his audience that he is an upstanding citizen who has never been arrested or sued in a court of law. As we have seen, Santilli lies, cheats and scams the general public. And true to form, this claim is not based in reality. This isn’t the first time Santilli has scammed his audience.

DISCLAIMER – While Mexico Trucker Online fully support this effort to investigate and prosecute these scalawags, we are not responsible for establishing this petition.


You can read the remainder of the expose’ at thesource.

America’s professional truckers are pissed that this group of people with no connection whatsoever to the trucking industry, had the audacity to use the truckers names to push their anti-government, anti- Obama agenda.

Zeeda Andrews
Zeeda Andrews – Birther, Wingnut, Conspiracy Theorist, Bigot and now Fraudster?

Zeeda Andrews, who originally stepped forward as the face and voice of the protestis now doing the ol’ Texas Sidestep. After being banned from the Santilli internet radio show,  and the shows chat room and several other sites, she is all over the internet, asking who this guy really is and why he took over the rally and ruined it!

For those who don’t know who Andrews is, her claim to fame was being sponsored by Mack Trucks in the 1980’s to promote the Petro fuel islands.

She also thinks that President Obama and Osama bin Laden are somehow the same person; that Obama is a secret Muslim; that the Boston bombings were a “false flag”; that the CIA murdered Buzzfeed journalist Michael Hastings; and that the Department of Homeland Security is stockpiling ammunition in order to slaughter Americans.  According to Andrews, the goal of the event is to remove Obama from office, because he “is a threat to our national security. He is a threat to our way of life. He is a threat to our future generations.”

This is nothing new. We called for the arrest of the organizers before the protest began and on Facebook and other venues, noted that the call for donations was a scam and for drivers to beware of donating. Mexico Trucker Online also exposed the face behind the lunacy.

Mexico Trucker Online is behind this petition 100% to hold the organizers of this protest accountable for the fraud they’ve perpetrated upon the American public and the truckers who serve them.

Add to the charges if you will, wire fraud and conspiracy.


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