El Paso City Council approves resolution asking for release of US trucker Jabin Bogan

Jabin Bogan's cargo
Linked ammunition US trucker Jabin Bogan took into Mexico in violation of Mexico’s strict firearms laws claiming he made a “mistake”
The El Paso City Council voted unanimously on a resolution by District 4 council member Carl Robinson, asking for the humanitarian release of Jabin Akeem Bogan who remains incarcerated after being caught with 268,000 rounds of NATO grade ammunitiion on his trailer after he supposedly entered Mexico by mistake.

The resolution requests “a vigorous review of the facts and conditions” of the incarceration of Bogan, who was detained April 17 by Mexican authorities at the Bridge of the Americas in Juárez. It also requests the Mexican Attorney General’s office to release Bogan without “political considerations.”

Carlos Spector, Bogan’s attorney, alleges a Mexican judge has acknowledged Bogan attempted to return to the U.S. after he realized he had crossed into Mexico. Interestingly enough, efforts to reach Carlos Spectors office were finally successful last Thursday by investigative reporter Heather Pontruff who was told by Spector’s attorney that they had never heard of Bogan and were not representing Bogan.

This resolution is nothing more than a “feel good” ploy by the El Paso city council and has no effect of law or any authority over the criminal case against Bogan by Mexican authorities.