Setting the record straight about Jabin Akeem Bogan – US trucker arrested in Cd. Juarez Mexico

US Trucker Jabin Bogan
US Trucker Jabin Bogan, arrested in Cd. Juarez Mexico with 268,000 rounds of prohibited NATO grade ammunition, is not the innocent victim of circumstances some would have you believe.
Since US trucker Jabin Akeem Bogan was arrested two month ago in Cd Juarez, charged with having 268,000 rounds of NATO grade ammunition in his possession, all we’ve been hearing from the handful of his supporters and from his family is about what a good boy he is, what a good christian father he is who would never do something like this. And of course, it’s expected from family members and others. But as Paul Harvey once famously said, “here’s the rest of the story”.


Information coming to us from our friend and colleague Heather Pontruff, publisher of Trucker Voice paints a very accurate and disturbing portrait of the man whom his handful of supporters and family have labeled an innocent family man. Far from that portrayal, his run-ins with the Texas criminal justice system suggest Jabin Akeem Bogan is simply another thug and gangsta from the mean streets of Dallas’s Oak Cliff section.

But of course, Bogans peccadilloes are really nothing to be concerned about. Merely youthful indiscretions of a boy finding his identity and purpose in life. Ask his momma, Alytha Smith, she’ll probably agree.

Minor indiscretions such as his his arrest on November 11, 2002 for AGGRAVATED ROBBERY for which he is still serving a sentence of 10 years probation. Or his subsequent arrests for silly little things like,

  • 5/20/2003 – Evading Arrest – Dallas County – 60 days in plea bargain
  • 11/05/2002 – Theft – probation revoked given 18 months and $1500 fine
  • 07/11/2005 – Assault – probation revoked – reduced sentence
  • 02/12/2003 – Theft of property >$1500.00 <$20,000.00 State Jail felony
  • 07/05/2006 – Failure/Refusal to give ID – Class A Misdemeanor – Plea deal
  • 09/12/2006 – Assault causing bodily injury on family member – No contest plea
  • 09/16/2006 – Violation of Protective Order – No contest
  • 01/31/2007 – Failure to ID fugitive/Intent to give false information – Convicted, no contest

and it goes on an on for 14 pages. Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, failure to identify. All things a good Christian family man would find himself involved in.


The news broke yesterday that the resolution that 4th District Council member Carl Robinson proposed to the El Paso City Council calling for the release of Bogan on humanitarian grounds” and without “political considerations” had passed unanimously. What we didn’t report about was the hypocrisy of it’s author. It’s not about “justice for all”, but about “justice for a brotha”. Let me explain that.

Councilman Robinson has been campaigning for this resolution for over a week now and his efforts are back fully by the local NAACP. By the way, Robinson is also African American as is Bogan, if you haven’t figured that out yet.

However, back in April 2011, Robinson took an entirely different tack when  Kevin Huckabee, who has also gotten him some face time with this issue, went before the city council to ask for a similar resolution for his son, Shohn Erich Huckabee and his friend  Carlos Guillermo Quijas who were busted in Juarez with a significant quantity of marijuana in their vehicle.

At that time, Robinson questioned Huckabee at length whether it was the council’s role to pass such resolutions.

“Do we want to delve into foreign policy?” Robinson asked. “If we are, then we have a multitude of U.S. citizens around the world incarcerated in foreign countries. Are we going to take a stand on those?”

With the revelation of Bogan’s criminal past, one has to wonder whether the support is still there to free the man. And while his criminal past doesn’t change the emerging facts of this case, it still makes one wonder how a felon was able to secure a job in the trucking industry. Oh, that’s right. I’ve answered my own question. With a company with a safety record so heinous, that the only type of driver they could get was one of Bogan’s caliber.

In closing, I’d like to thank Heather Pontruff, editor and publisher of Truckers Voice for her invaluable help in ferreting out the truth about this case, and The Lockridge Report for their interest in the case and for the privilege of being a guest on that award winning program..

More information as it becomes available.