Plea agreement possible for US trucker charged with smuggling ammunition into Mexico

ammo seized in Mexico from US Trucker
Trailer containing 268,000 rounds of ammunition seized in Cd. Juarez from US trucker Jabin Akeem Bogan

Two months after Demco Express driver was arrested and charged with smuggling prohibited ammunition into Mexico, we’re finally receiving information on the circumstances surrounding the arrest and the current state of the case against Jabin Akeem Bogan, 27 of the Oak Cliff section of Dallas.

We’ve learned from the customs agents who first encountered Bogan on the afternoon of April 17, that he was in a lane on the Mexican side of the Bridge of the America’s, in lanes reserved for personal vehicles and that he was ordered by Agent America Zubia Saenz to move his truck into the commercial “yellow zone” for inspection.

During testimony before a Judge on May 29, agent Saenz testified that Bogan cooperated with her and other agents and presented truck and trailer registrations and bills of lading for the load when requested to do so.

Mexican Customs agents Federico Anaya and Adriana Ramirez, testified that upon inspecting the trailer, the pallets containing the bullets, while wrapped in plastic, were in full view behind the cargo destined for Bogan’s third stop at Carefusion  in El Paso, a stop he never got to.

The US trucker charged with smuggling ammunition exclusive to the military is being held in the Villa Aldama CERESO en the Gulf Coast state of Veracruz
The US trucker charged with smuggling ammunition exclusive to the military is being held in the Villa Aldama CERESO en the Gulf Coast state of Veracruz

Jose De La Rosa, Bogans Mexican attorney will be using the testimony of Agents Anaya and Ramirez to demonstrate to the Judge that by virtue that the bullets were not hidden, and that Bogan had the corresponding paperwork (legal only in the US) with the hope that the Judge will throw out the charge of clandestine smuggling of military ammunition. That is the charge that could get Bogan up to 30 years in a Mexican Federal prison, such as the one he is being held in at the moment in Veracruz state. At some point as this arrest developed, a reporter made the assumption that the ammunition was hidden under the floorboard of the trailer, a ridiculous assumption to be sure.

As we’ve been saying all along, Bogan is guilty of the charge of possession of ammunition, by virtue of the fact that it was found in his possession. We’ve also maintained that Bogan should receive and probably will receive the minimum sentence for the offense and that appears what is in the works. It will be up to the Judge who will be ruling on the appeal of the indictment to make the determination of the charges going forward.

De Rosa has stated he would settle for a reduction in charges to simple possession of ammunition, a lesser charge which carries a penalty of 2 to 6 years in prison in Mexico. By the time this matter is adjudicated, Bogan will already have served at least 9 months, possibly longer awaiting trial, so the chances of a plea deal happening are almost certain.

And when it does happen, it will be the result of the Mexican justice system functioning as it should, without threats, demands or interference from so-called supporters who are chasing their own agenda.