Why we need revised CDL standards, and now!

Werner EnterprisesIn view of all the comments from those not qualified to make comments about Mexican drivers, I got a good laugh out of this article.

This trainer is barely potty trained and has no business even attempting to train anyone else. At best, he has 4 years of heavily supervised OTR experience.

Go figure!

On that day, according to police in Slidell, LA, Werner trainee Vera Shed drove a 2006 Peterbilt truck through the Slidell Home Depot parking lot. Shed attempted to make a U-turn at the back of the parking lot and head to the back of the building. That’s when she ran over and pulled the sedan four feet, leaving the car’s passenger wheels suspended in the air.

“She proceeded to make her turn, didn’t see the vehicle in that parking spot and ran right over it,” Slidell Capt. Kevin Foltz told Land Line.

No one was injured in the wreck.

Shed, 52, was being supervised by Werner driving instructor Jesus Alfaro, 25, and neither saw the parked car in Shed’s way.

Foltz said he was surprised to learn that a 25-year-old was considered by Werner as the more experienced driver of the pair.

“I guess you can be an experienced driver at 25 years old,” Foltz told Land Line. “I don’t know how experienced.”

Inexperienced driver uses bad judgment; crashes on day two

One truck driver is probably wishing he could have just stayed home on Friday, Jan 18.

That’s because on his second day on the job, he attempted to make a narrow right turn, but didn’t have enough space. He wound up taking out a Dunkin’ Donut sign, which then fell on a parked car.

Stoughton, MA, Police Sgt. Paul McCallum said a pickup truck with a trailer, much less a semi, could even have had a tough time with the turn,.

“It’s hard to believe this guy tried to pull this off,” McCallum told the Stoughton Journal.

The driver, who police did not identify, worked for Tennessee-based U.S. Express Leasing. The driver is no longer employed with the company.

McCallum told the Journal an experienced driver “never would have tried to make the turn.”

The truck went up over the curb, struck a piling and dislodged the Dunkin’ Donuts sign, which was set at least four feet into the ground. Heavy-duty tow trucks and wenches were needed to free the loaded truck and the sign.

There were no injuries, but the westbound lane of Route 139 was shut down for nearly two hours, McCallum said.

The tractor-trailer was impounded by the Stoughton Police Department until the company was able to provide proof of insurance.