Why comments in opposition of the Cross Border Program were seemingly ignored!

Has anyone ever wondered why it seemed that FMCSA ignored the comments posted concerning Cross Border Program when making their decision to continue with the program? Did anyone with a brain read some of the 2300 comments posted, most in opposition to the program?

Here is an example of a comment posted on the FMCSA website during the comment period. FMCSA did read the comments and came to the correct conclusion that none of them gave any concise or reasoned argument against implementation of the program.

This comment here shows just how misinformed and prejudiced the commenter is. All of his assertions have been disproved here and in real life as the program enters it’s seventh month, with no accidents, no incidents and with great success.

June 20, 2007

Re: NAFTA Trucking Demonstration Project to
Allow Mexican-based Trucks into United States
Docket FMCSA-2007-28055

US Department of Transportation
Docket Operations
1200 New Jersey Ave.
Washington DC 20590

To the Department of Transportation:

This is my commentary to the above mandate you people are ramming down the American citizens’/American truckers’ throats. The vast majority of America does not want this!

Are you people in the White House and Department of Transportation INSANE? This Bill, which I have read in full, indicates a serious mental infliction, a severe case of stupidity, or simply a corporate backroom-boys deal to sell out and eventually destroy America and Americans on the grandest of scales!

Do you really expect us to BELIEVE that you will ENFORCE the items you claim to “require” of these Mexican-domiciled carriers? It is nothing more than rhetoric—we in the real world recognize and understand that word, “rhetoric”. We call it what it is—-“bullshit”.

You want to allow vehicles and drivers from a third-world country who know little of our language, less of our highway systems, and don’t give a rat’s ass about our laws or our people, to roam freely and frequently on our highways and in our neighborhoods? Are you willing to place YOUR loved ones directly into the path of one of these unregulated (see previous paragraph) vehicles or operators?

I am so furiously opposed to this betrayal-bill that I will come to Washington DC myself to venomously protest this heinous mandate! I will rally others to join me. Maybe American truckers should implement a “Washington DC Demonstration Project” the day before one of your holiday breaks begins. Would you THEN get the message?

I will try to tame my anger and state the obvious flaws:

• Their driver qualifications, criminal history checks, drug histories/testing, etc. are lax, while American drivers’ are rigorous. Not only is this a slap in the face/unfair to American drivers, it is potentially deadly to anyone on the highway.
• Foreigners are not familiar or trained for our highway systems, our cloverleaf intersections, our signage, our local, state and federal highway laws or our highway etiquette/customs. This is a formula for a tragedy. I have no doubt that if you can pull this scam off, the first and deadliest accidents will be the Mexican drivers going the wrong way–northbound in the southbound lane, or southbound on the northbound lane of an interstate highway. This is tragic when an automobile makes this mistake, but two 76,000 pound hunks of steel traveling 60 miles an hour hitting head-on will shake the earth all the way to Washington DC. All of you, the FMCSA, the DOT, the Bush Administration, and the Clinton Administration for implementing NAFTA—-you will all be directly responsible for the carnage. You will all answer to this, not only to the Americans, the news media, but especially to the Lord in Heaven when your actions are accounted for!
• In the event of an accident, many law enforcement will not know how to handle someone from Mexico, but they do know what to do with an American driver. If the accident requires investigation, charges, guess who will become responsible—regardless of the truth. And should there need to be appearances before a judge or a lawsuit or trial, if not arrested and detained immediately, guess who won’t show up for the proceedings?
• In the case of crimes upon property or crimes upon people, the Mexican driver can either disappear or simply finish the trip and return to Mexico. Incidentally, if you think they cannot disappear, then please report to the Census Bureau an accounting of the 15-25 MILLION illegal aliens in this country now.
• Mexico is the main source of illegal drugs of all kinds in this country. Illegal drugs are destroying our young people here. This is one of the main reasons why I wonder if you people are insane or just plain stupid!
• Not that the politicians (Bush included) care, but Mexico is the portal of undocumented persons, unknowns into the United States of America. We Americans cannot afford to take care of our healthcare expenses, pay our children’s tuitions, but our taxes pay for the undocumented to have what we cannot have. And speaking of unknowns entering our country does September 11, 2001 ring a bell???????
• You want to talk 911? Implement this incredibly ridiculous bill and the demand for hijacking airplanes will be replaced with more Bagdad-like methods. Hello?????!!!!!!! Is anybody there in Lobbyland THINKING???????
• You wealthy big-city people get your jollies in 5-star hotels with “Madams”. You go to “Gentlemen’s” clubs. These fine establishments hire doctors to assure disease-free entertainment. Outside of DC, on the nation’s highways and byways, things are done differently. Company can be found in back lots of ill-managed truck stops or by a knock on the door in an interstate rest area. It’s not likely that the women and men who knock can afford to have personally-hired physicians to treat the usual sexually transmitted diseases. So how to prevent the spread of new and foreign versions? ……..this conjures up words like “epidemic” and “plague”.
• Speaking of disease, TB is so rapidly being introduced via our 15-25 million uninvited, undocumented souls, that ER personnel are now tested vigorously and often. Yeah, let’s bring even more Mexican trucks into our country to spread TB/pertussis/STDs—Brilliant!
• And finally, we have a huge problem—undocumented, illegal people working for slave wages with no benefits. This is a burden on our hospitals, schools, and social services. A danger to our national security. These foreigners have more rights and benefits than the average American. While the American people worry about the state of the nation and their own life-situations, the DOT and the Decider are worried that there are others who are forced to walk or wade or tunnel across the Mexican/US border. Therefore they created a much better way to transport even more chattel—they designed a mandate in which Mexican trucks would deliver the product—truckloads of human commerce.

You should be ashamed of yourselves!

In conclusion, I will be following this issue and sending copies of this docket comment to others. You are destroying the fabric of America in this program. You people are pathetic! Signed, ***** ******
—Cynan, former OTR Trucker

This is courtesy of an “admin” on a site that is trying to put itself as the ramrod of the Truckers Shutdown. It speaks for the credibility of the site in question.