Trucking Bozo has peters on his mind.

Sitting here this afternoon listening to Dale Sommers aka “Trucking Bozo” ramble on between dashes to the bano to change his Depends, the man seems to be off of his meds once again. Each time he refers to Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters, her name comes out of his mouth like he has one in his mouth! How droll.

Speaking of the “Trucking Bozo”, the idiot this afternoon is reporting after an exhaustive investigation, it has been determined that the 9 missing drivers in the Tunnel inferno last weekend were all illegal unlicensed drivers and are now in Mexico. These are the facts according to Bozo. I guess the fool missed the report from the CHP where they confirmed they had talked to most, if not all, of the missing people and acknowledged the report of the missing was a miscommunication. But maybe he didn’t and this is one more example of his pushing his anti Mexican agenda with the truth being the disposable commodity.

And then we have this blogger with his little free blog misrepresenting the facts. No “Freedom Fighter”, these were not Mexican truckers in the sense you want people to believe. The majority of Hispanics in the United States are here legally and there are a great number of Mexican American’s who drive trucks, in SoCal and throughout the nation.

And no “Freedom Fighter, There is no need for people to call and harass the CHP at your behest.

Freedom Fighter goes one step further in his comments.

On Al Rantell kabc radio he had a trucker named Todd on from Independent Truckers Ass. He confirmed that with one of the men that died the wife was on her way to T.J. to get his dental records. Another thing 9 truckers just ran off after the accident!!!!! I called the station to confirm that I had heard correctly, and yes I had.

What does this tell us? It tells me that alot of illegals were involved in this. Sandra

Make note the Goverment did not release this information and I feel this shows
how our Govt is trying to play down the threat of Mexican Truckers remember how
our Federal Govt. recently opened up our roads to Mexican Truckers,Our President
and those in office are and should be held accountable for this accident.
Today, Cibrian’s wife, Victoria Martinez, was headed to Mexico to retrieve
dental records that would confirm her husband was one of three people killed
in Friday night’s fiery accident,

Well, we all know who “Todd” is and he is not a truck driver. And so what if Mr Cibrian’s wife is going to Tijuana to get his dental records? If the need ever arises, my dental records are in Monterrey Mexico. And notice they report she is GOING to Tijuana, which to logical minds means they live in the LA area and she will be returning. Try another angle sweetie!

But back to “The Trucking Bozo”! Quite your whining dude! America did not speak! 2300 left uninformed comments in opposition of the program. Several thousand flooded the Capitol switchboard whining. In the 11th hour, someone, probably Hoffa’s bunch, bought them a Senator, (Dorgan) and got the amendment crammed through.

But fortunately, people are beginning to see through all the crap and lies being thrown about by the opposition.

Better yet, all of our latino visitors and others, feel free to call the old bastard yourselves and give him your thoughts. On Nextel Direct, dial, 157*172*7237 I’m certain he would be happy to hear from those who do not share his viewpoint, which is the majority of us.

You’re ate up with the hate and bigotry Dale. Perhaps next time your exit from the hospital will be “feet first”!