Truck Out 2007 – A Followup

As most are aware, the so-called Truck Out was a dismal failure as well it should have been. The truckers I talk to on the road, in Laredo, at the shippers docks, all see it as a non-issue, as I do. Some, are straddling the fence, not knowing what to think. Most of their comments to me are “Who am I to believe”! And as I tell them, believe the crap being foisted on you by individuals and groups with agenda’s, or think for yourself, and find the truth. This site is a good place to begin, Google is an excellent tool to help you.

To give you an idea of the stupidity of some of these people, in particular, Wanda Piety, who established , I am going to share an email received a day or so after the “Truck Out”. This should prove that this woman has no inkling of the issues involved.

SHAME ON YOU! You are one of the many reasons this country is in such bad shape. You‘re brand of apathy and contempt for our Constitutional rights will not only give you more of what you detest, but will soon take away all your freedoms to whine about your right to exist in the first place. Re think YOUR position! Our position is working to save yours!

I am still puzzling over this response. The country is in bad shape because MEXICO TRUCKER advocates telling the truth about the Mexican transportation industry, and that truth just happens to be the exact opposite of what the proponents of opening the border to Mexican trucks want you to believe?

And what apathy does this pitiful person espouse? And what Constitutional rights does she refer to? I think she has me, and this site confused with those who sit around wringing their hands and whining about Mexicans, their trucks and other things that will have no effect on their lives.

While flipping through the XM dial the other night, Wednesday I believe, who should be first up on the Rollye James Show , who should be first up but this pitiful person who wrote this email, Wanda Piety.

What is her story? To hear her tell it. She broke her wrist one night and not having health insurance was forced to seek treatment at USC Medical Center in LA. According to her, it was like walking into a third world country. Pobrecita, no one spoke english, and the part that I find hard to believe, is she was forced to stay in the hospital 6 days waiting for surgery on her wrist. 6 days on a gurney, forgotten, in a ward with 5 or 6 others. And when it was all said and done, she knew she could no longer ignore the problem of a little white princess being forced to wait her turn behind “nasty Mexicans” for medical treatment, so at that moment, she became an activist for immigration reform. Not the type of activist that has any hopes of success. Her hero’s are the likes of Tom Tancredo (R) Colo., who advocates “rounding them up, and shipping them home”, a solution that is logistically and logically, impossible. And who does Ms Piety turn for help to get her point across? The AMERICAN TRUCKER! I’m certain that the trucking community was the very first ones she thought of, don’t you!

At any rate, she failed. After the Rollye James show, she found herself on the Steve Sommers show backpedaling and apologizing for being such an ass.

I am seeing now, on her website, , she stills says “A success despite government interference” The strange thing is that if all this happened as she claims, the lines to the overnight trucking shows would have been on fire reporting these occurrances. The truth is, IT NEVER HAPPENED! And now, it’s time for this spoiled little white girl to crawl back into whatever hole she came out of.

The immigration debate will eventually be resolved by calmer minds using common sense and logic, maybe no immediately, but eventually. The Mexican trucks will roll and you will not be aware of their presence. Life will go on.

Because as a good friend of mine related to me the other evening.

In the 70’s and 80’s during the truck strikes when everyone was saying trucking was over as we had known it, I had a job and continued working.

In 1992 when the CDL was forced on us, I had a job and continued to work as my income increased.

When they mandated “Drug Testing” for CDL holders, the same continued.

And as they prepare to open the borders and fulfill a promise made 15 years ago, I will continue to have a job, my income continues to increase and I don’t sweat the little things.

Vaya con dios amigos

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