Tracking US Trucker Jabin Bogan’s El Paso Odyssey show impossibility of entering Mexico “accidentally”

Google Earth Map of BOTA and Mexican Customs
Photo of approaches to Bridge of the America's in El Paso, the border crossing and the Mexican Customs and Inspection facility

Mexico Trucker Online has learned where the locations and route of Jabin Bogan’s deliveries in El Paso where he claims to have accidentally and inadvertently entered Mexico with 9 pallets of prohibited military grade ammo. Bogan was immediately arrested by Mexican authorities for importing illegal munitions into Mexico and yesterday was formally charged.

Bogan’s first of three stops in El Paso was to (A) Siemen Energy and Automation, 1400 Henry Brennan in El Paso. As you can see from the graphic, Siemans is north of I-10.

The second of three stops was at (B)Nichirin Coupler Inc., 9600 Plaza Circle in El Paso, just off of Loop 375 commonly known as the border highway.

Finishing this stop, Bogan’s final stop in El Paso would have been (C) Carefusion at 1550 Northwestern Dr on the far westside of El Paso.

The logical and most direct route that most truckers would take to get to the third and final stop in El Paso, would be to backtrack on Loop 375 (Avenue of the Americas) to I-10 and continue west to Sunland Park where his final drop was.

I used GOOGLE MAPS to generate the graphic and route between Bogan’s stops and of course, it shows the shortest route which would be Loop 375 that parallels the border. While this is the shortest, it is not the best route due to stop and go traffic and numerous stop lights.

Since Bogan found himself in Mexico, for whatever reason, it is obvious he was mindlessly following a GPS routing instead of using common sense.

But here is where it gets interesting and either debunks Bogans claim that he “accidentally” made a wrong turn that put him into Mexico, or it shows Bogans incredible stupidity and lack of common sense.

Referring back to the graphic, you can see the route Bogan would have taken. In the area of the Bridge of the America’s that Bogan eventually crossed, Loop 375 dog legs away from the border.

Bogan would have had to deliberately exited Loop 375, come to the stop light and gotten into the left hand turn lane for the bridge to Mexico. There are many signs at this point warning motorists that they are about to enter Mexico and signs pointing out the prohibition of bringing guns and ammo into Mexico.

Even had Bogan continue straight onto an alternate highway that takes you within sight of the Bridge of the America’s, he would have had to again, make a deliberate left hand turn onto the bridge lanes. The alternate road would have joined with Loop 375 further west of the bridge turn off.

Dennis Mekenye, owner of Demco freight company and boss of Bogan, has continually claimed he was on the phone with Bogan as Bogan made his “mistake”. The question that needs to be answered then is why Mekenye did not tell his employee to stop and under no circumstances cross into Mexico. By Mekenye’s own admission, he continued with the call as Bogan told him Mexican authorities were arresting him and were going to search the trailer.


Jabin Bogan is represented by El Paso Attorney Carlos Spector who has no standing before the tribunals in Mexico. But his actions so far can do nothing but harm to Bogans case.

Out of the box, Spector is blaming US Customs for allowing Bogan to cross into Mexico. Spector says Bogan told him he was directed to cross the border by a guy in a blue uniform”.

“He talked to a guy in a blue uniform. That’s CBP… He was misdirected by CBP,” Spector said.

The CBP officers I have always seen wear black uniforms. But Customs spokesman Roger Maier said officers from several agencies regularly present at the port of entry wear blue uniforms.

“It could have been a security guard, El Paso Police officer, a Mexican official,” said Maier.
Maier has said that CBP officers did not encounter Bogan that day.

“If we had and he told us it was not his intention to go to Mexico we would have stopped traffic to allow him to initiate a U-turn and head north away from the port. We would not have told him to go to Mexico and make a U turn there,” he told various media sources, including MTO.

Spector continues with a slap in the face to the Mexican government when he stated, according to Fox News Latino,

Spector alleged Bogan’s arrest was part of “a political narrative by the Mexican government to blame the U.S. for the flow of weapons and ammunition into Mexico.” Spector pointed to initial reports by the Mexican authorities that stated that the ammunition was hidden under the floorboards of the truck and that it was the kind of bullets used by Mexican cartels.

His client is being detained and charged for introducing prohibited and illegal ammunition into Mexico, a charge Bogan is obviously guilty of. Just as guilty as the United States is for the flow of weapons and ammo into that country. Nothing political about the truth.

We’ll be on top of this as it plays out.

Map of Bogan's travels
This graphic shows the stops US trucker Jabin Bogan made in El Paso on the day he "accidentally" crossed into Mexico.