Think a border wall will do it? Think again!

Tunnel discovered within 100 yards of the US Border in Mexicali BC by Mexican Federal Police
Tunnel discovered within 100 yards of the US Border in Mexicali BC by Mexican Federal Police

Tunnel Found In Mexicali Two Blocks South Of The Border

Police arrested eight men Monday afternoon, who are believed to be involved with digging a tunnel that was headed towards Calexico, Ca. The men were found on a corner house located on 134 Callejon Madero, just 2 blocks south of the border. Currently, they are being detained at the local police department in Mexicali, Mexico. At about 2 p.m. police says a concerned citizen called police and said there was suspicious active in the home. Minutes later police moved in to find 8 men digging a tunnel which was headed north to the United States.

The director of the Policia Estatal Preventiva, Juan Manuel Guillen gave a brief press conference. “We discovered a tunnel in which it’s diameter is one meter and a half. It’s 6 meters in depth, it measures 120 meters from the home to its end point. The tunnel was 60 meters from the border. We also found the tunnel had light, an elevator and it was air conditioned,” says Guillen. Police searched the home and found a 38 special revolver, digging tools and and F-350 truck, which was used to remove the dirt. Their ages range from 27 to 52 and are from Sinaloa and Guadalajara.

One neighbor says his family once owned the home, but was sold through a realistate business several months ago. “My conscious is clear…but it’s worry some that my children have to see this, when the property we sold we never know who the owner was and we never saw people at the house,” says Gilberto Llorenz.

Police say the property is registered to Carlos Silva Lepe and it’s unknown at this time if police have contacted him. In the meantime, military officers stand guard in front of the home while neighbors wonder how this happened in their neighborhood.

The P.G.R.- Procuraduría General de la República which is the Mexican Federal Police is investigating the case. Those arrested will remain in custody and at this point police are not sure who the men were working for.