The Great American “Truck Out” 2007

Everybody has been waiting with great anticipation for this day to arrive. At least, the Trucking Mexiphobics and other bigots amongst us. Grandiose visions off thousand upon thousand angry Americans, not sure what they are angry about, but angry because they are told to be that way, descending upon the State Capitols around the country as well as in Washington D.C., all to coincide with a rally by anti-immigrant right wingers in Washington.

There were calls for a rolling blockade around the Capital Beltway to snarl rush hour traffic. Calls for trucks to circle the U.S. Capitol as well as State Capitals. So what happened? Let’s take a look!

Apparently, the rolling blockade of the Beltway never happened. I listened to XM Radios traffic watch for the D.C. area this morning and there was no mention of anything other than normal morning commuter traffic.

Later, I was listening to Dave Nemo on XM-171 and the supposed organizer of the Nebraska Rally called in telling all who planned on attending, not to come. His excuse was, the state of Nebraska would not allow the rally because a bikers rally was planned at the same time. Sound fishy? It does to me! These rallies have been a couple of months in the planning and are we expected to believe that on the day of the rally, that the State of Nebraska suddenly “remembers”, a previously scheduled gathering? Not on your life. Sounds to me as if it was canceled by the organizers for lack of interest! Chalk one up for the good guys.


Last week, I left Laredo on Wednesday evening for a trip to Wisconsin, returning today. Only once in the past 5 days have I heard any mention of Mexican Truckers, Mexican trucks, or any of the subjects that the media pundits such as Steve Sommers would have you believe is foremost in all truckers minds. I am beginning to believe this whole issue is confined to a few hundred people who regularly call these overnight shows. Time will tell.

The other big one was supposed to be held today in Oklahoma City at the State Capital. Apparently, this one went off as planned but with less than stellar attendance. We can look at some of the excerpts about the rally from the OKC newspaper.

About 75 sign-carrying truckers and their supporters voiced their disapproval of the project during a rally on the Capitol’s south steps.

This was a big turnout wasn’t it on an issue that is supposed to be so relevant to the industry Ho-Hum!

Supporters included members of the Oklahoma Minutemen Civil Defense Corps. Inc., an anti-illegal immigration group headed by Steve Merrill, former immigration agent.


Anytime I see the vigilantes who call themselves the Minutemen involved in anything, that pretty much says it all for the credibility of the group.


Ron Black, a former radio talk show host, said it is part of an attack on U.S. sovereignty. Sen. Randy Brogdon, R-Owasso, announced his support of the truckers and the introduction of a resolution urging Congress to repeal the Bush plan and to reject the idea of the North American Union, composed of Mexico, the United States and Canada. The Senate later adopted the resolution in a voice vote.

An attack on American sovereignty? What trash! Has the entrance of Canadian carriers into the U.S. over the past 15 years degraded our sovereign rights? Not in the least! Why should the introduction of Mexican carriers? And these right wing conspiracy theorists have this arcane idea of a North American Union! I have read the same articles they have and have an entirely different take on the issue. There is no plans anywhere to erase the borders between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. It could not happen. The citizens of the three respective countries would not allow it!

I love this next guy. He is a frequent called to the Steve Sommers show and a self styled expert on everything. Get this crap!

“The security of our country is at risk for the benefit of just a few companies,” said trucker Jay Michael Riley of Yukon.

Riley and his wife, Claret, a truck driving team, helped found Americans for Safe Highways and Secure Borders, an organization of long haul truck drivers and supporters opposed to allowing Mexican trucks to travel U.S. highways.

Riley said the Mexican government had not developed a database of Mexican truckers as promised under the North American Free Trade Agreement and the proposed NAFTA super highway.

He said allowing Mexican trucks to travel U.S. roads would increase drug trafficking, expose Americans to safety risks, promote illegal immigration and even allow terrorists easy access to the country.


The security of our country will no more be at risk than it is allowing the Canadians unfetered access to the U.S. as they have enjoyed for more than a decade. Actually, the idea of the openness of the northern border is more of a concern to me than the south. Canada has a large population of middle eastern arabs, and they do come and go into the U.S.

Sure Jay founded Americans for Safe Highways and Secure Borders which is little more than a group of his friends and radio buddies getting together to spread fear and hatred of anything Mexican. Listen to him some night when he calls American Trucking Network on XM-173.

Now this quote from little Jaybird really shows his level of intelligence as he parrots Steve Sommers favorite retort, totally incorrect in it’s context of course. That Mexico has no Driver’s Databases. In a 2002 report to Congress, the Inspector General noted that Mexico had in place and accessible to U.S. authorities, a database of drivers who hold the Licencia Federal. And Jaybird, a databse is one of the requirements of allowing the trucks in, but there is nothing said about the imaginary NAFTA SUPER HIGHWAY!

Jaybird, long before NAFTA was signed into law, plans were in place to build an interstate corridor to connect Mexico and Canada. That is what is now, and will be, Interstate 69. Beginning in South Texas, winding through Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan. Some of it is already in place and being used, the rest will come. Call it what you will. It is simply I-69. The Trans-Texas Corridor is the brainchild of Gov. “Slick” Rick Perry and something I doubt any of us will see in this lifetime.

But you want a NAFTA SUPERHIGHWAY that is already in place? How about I-5, San Ysidro California to Blaine Washington? Or I-35, Laredo Texas to the Canadian border Should I go on, or do you get the point? Probably not!

Increase drug traffiking? Highly unlikely. There are too many checks and balances in place between the interior of Mexico and the interior ICE checkpoints to allow this to happen on the scale they use to scare you with. Americans would be exposed to nothing more risky than they are exposed to day to day now. Take the signs off 10 trucks, put 5 American truckers and 5 Mexican truckers behind the wheel, and it is doubtful you would be able to tell which was which. A trucker is a trucker, irregardless of his nationality! There is also absolutely nothing that will promote illegal immigration except in the warped imaginations of these Mexiphobes! Terrorists? That’s it fellows, throw the terror card out there when you are unable to support your arguement or point of view with facts and logic.

As Ron Knopseller <sp>, Washington lobbyist for OOIDA said on Steve Sommers overnight show last night. At this point, it is all rumor, nobody really knows.

Well people, somebody knows. Me! I’ve lived here for more than 10 years and have seen the truth of the situation with my own eyes!

“Where do you think all of those worn out trucks go _ they go to Mexico,” said Dan Howard, of Outraged Patriots.

Well Mr Dan “Outraged Patriot” Howard, they go to Mexico, Central America and to the truck dealers along the border. And you say “worn out”? Trucks with 500,000 miles are just getting broken in. And again, what’s your point? Myself and the company I am with all have these trucks. We buy used at wholesale to circumvent the 2007 emissions and also to increase our bottom line. Ain’t no big deal!

Some speakers said Mexican truckers are poorly paid and allowing them into the United States would put American truckers out of business.


And finally, I save the best, the most ludicrous for last. What is the relationship between the pay a Mexican trucker recieves and the ability of an American trucker to stay in business. A Mexican trucker earning $.15 cents per mile, while that is low by U.S. standards, puts that driver in the upper middle class of Mexican society. It allows him to own a home, support a family and give his family what they need and deserve. And just like the American trucker, our brothers south of the border bust their asses to achieve the Mexican version of the American Dream!

Oh, and I share a little secret with you bigots if you promise not to tell anyone! You think the Mexican truckers want to abandon their rigs and blend into American society? Think again! Most Mexicans see the breakdown in American society and want nothing to do with this country. If they can make a living in Mexico, that is where they want to be! And that people, es de verdad puro!!!

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