The comment period has begun for FMCSA-2007-28055

I’ve been following the comments posted on the DOT’s Document Management Site where comments are being taken for the next 27 days concerning the renamed Mexican Truck Pilot Program.

Since they are public comments, I think I will share some of them here with you, but I will not publish the names. I wonder if the roughly 80% of the respondents have any idea how lame they sound? Not only lame, but reading the comments, it would appear that these people never completed sixth grade. The spelling is atrocious; The punctuation non existant.

Reading the 124 comments posted as I write these thoughts, several things are glaringly obvious.

  • Most of the respondents are following almost to the letter, the “talking points” being put out by OOIDA, American Trucking Network and that moron who calls himself “The Trucking Bozo” !
  • There is only a couple of rational, well thought out comments to date.
  • Most of the respondents have no idea how to stay on subject. Their comments range from Mexican trucks to the conspiracy theories of a NAFTA Super Highway and a “one world order.

With that in mind, I can see the ones at FMCSA who will read and make decisions based partly on these comments, recognizing these comments for what they are and ignoring them.

But let me share a few with you and you make up your own minds!

I has come to my attention that you want to allow Mexican Truckers into 
The U.S. I strongly oppose this Pilot Program. 
We are in a State of Emergancy now with illegal drug traffican and illegal aliens. 
How do we protect our famlies from drugs, loss of jobs to illegals, 
Homeland Security, traffic accidents, criminals from other countries and Mexico 
who come here to break our laws and do harm to American Citizens, 
when you want to push a policy law on Americans who don't know anything about what 
you are doing till its all said and done?  
NAFTA and TAFTA was pushed on the American Public without any chance of protest or 
knowledge of the true effects of the loss of jobs to the American People. 
We do not need any more Mexican or Canadan Truckers in our country. 
My Husband is an American Trucker, his freight is down now! 
Why should we give anymore freight to other countries like Mexico who do not 
respect our laws! 
Our countries rest areas and truck-stops are in short supply now. 
Many American Truckers have no legal place to park to sleep now. 
Why should we add to our over crowded rest areas and truck stops with 
Mexican and Cannadan Trucks. 
I could go on and on at the endless problems this Pilot Program could cause. 
Its a known fact that regulations are broken every minute of every day. 
There are not enough Dot and law enforecment officers to regulate and check 
these trucks. 
I oppose this Program, Policy, Law or what every you try to call it. 
We do not need the NAFTA HIGHWAY!!!!!!!!

This is a prime example and the first of many that shows complete ignorance of the issue. I’ve never heard of “TAFTA”. Has anyone? What does the Deomnstration Project have to do with a NAFTA highway? Nothing!!!! And of course as usual, these folks have been brainwashed into thinking Mexico’s Professional truckers, men and a few women, just like us, will be smuggling drugs, people and, oops! We can’t forget the “Terrorist Card”


Lets look at another example for comparison

I am very oppossed to letting Mexican trucks have unfettered access to our
nations highways!Director Hill in his April 19, 2007 comments to congress,
stated that the FMCSA could not adequately police the existing trucking
companies in the United States.
How can they possibly insure the safety of our Nations highways
when there will be no way to adequately inspect the trucks crossing the border.
The first major problem is that there is currently no data base to
verify the mexican drivers identity when they reach the border.
If there was a way to insure the mexican drivers identity,
there is no way to verify that they are qualified to drive on U.S. roads.
Currently there is no drug testing facilities in mexico and the use of
amphetimines is common
place to help the drivers stay awake.
Mexican drivers do not have to comply with any hours of service regulations;
so when they get to the U.S. border there is no way to tell if they have been
driving 10 hours or 24 hours.
Currently people as young as 16 can recieve a CDL in Mexico,
where the only requirement to get a CDL is to pay the required fee.
This is a disaster in the making the only reason for this is simply corporate greed.
Mexico has had 15 years to comply with the requirements of NAFTA,
and they have failed to do so; when they have done so we can at that time
beging a pilot program.

And so it goes. I had thought about posting all 124, but they are all basically the same. Some more lunatic than others. Most parroting the taking points issued by their “masters”, as mentioned above.

I’m home in Nuevo Laredo at the moment, sitting on the patio posting this from my laptop over my home network. Amazing, isn’t it? Here I am in what some would consider a third world country, yet all around me, my home, my neighbors homes, we’re all wired in and tuned in.

Take a moment and read the comments and perhaps you’ll see that this Mexican truck issue is nothing more than howling by a bunch of no nothing bigots with no one iota of truth or fraction of fact to back up their assertions!

And I must share this one with you. This moron needs to return to 4th grade, if he made it that far.

I'm concerned about the mexican pilot truck program.
The mexican truckers don't have a log book program.
How can we tell they are getting the proper amount of sleep before 
they cross the border.
The mexican goverment has no back ground checks on the drivers.
A driver could have comitted a felon by killing someone and we as a
country has no way of knowing what the drivers have commited as crimes 
behind the wheel.
I work for a company who hauls loads to the boarder and hauls loads from the
boarder into our country. If this program goes into affect i and my fellow drivers
will loose loads that we haul.
We need to put a stop to this Pilot program all together.
No mexicans can come across our boarder

As I have consistently stated, nothing but the thoughts of bigots who have no idea of the overall picture.

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