Texas Trucker Jabin “Wrong Way” Bogan returns to U.S. – Refuses to accept responsibility for actions

Jabin "Wrong Way" Bogan in El Paso
Jabin Bogan in the law offices of Carlos Spector being briefed on what to say or not say in the press conference he attended. From left to right…….Emilio de la Rosa, Bogans Mexican attorney who did all the work, Bogans mommy, Aletha Smith, Bogan and Carlos Spector. Others unidentified are probably representatives of the NAACP who “helped” in the case. Photo Credit – Victor Calzada / El Paso Times
About noon Friday, Jabin Akeem Bogan came bouncing across the Bridge of the America’s into the arms of his waiting mother, causing a traffic jam as they embraced in the middle of the busy lanes, ending a 7 month odyssey for Bogan at the same place it began.

What followed was a carefully scripted press conference by Bogans U.S. attorney Carlos Spector, who did little more than act as laison with the man who did all of the heavy lifting in Mexico, Emilio de la Rosa.

A few crocodile tears seconds into the presser and Bogan repeated the claims Spector has been making for him the past 7 months.

[pullquote_right]What I really want to say I can’t say because Mexico might “catch on” – JABIN “WRONG WAY” BOGAN[/pullquote_right]

Bogan claims he was paying attention to his GPS, watching the road when a four wheeler on his left side forced him into Mexico with no way to turn around. He also maintained that a US Customs agent at the “port of entry” told him to cross into Mexico and turn around. The latter was disputed early on by a spokesman for Customs and Border Protection in El Paso who said agents at the Bridge of the America’s had no contact with Bogan or any “lost trucker” on that day and would have assisted them in turning around, as they have with others in the past. His former excuse about the GPS malfunctioning was debunked personally by myself in September when I made a trip to El Paso and retraced Bogans route that day using two separate GPS units.

Bogan, and his US attorney, Carlos Spector continue to claim his innocence of the charges he was convicted of. Possession of Ammunition, even though the 268,000 rounds of NATO ammo grade ammunition was in the trailer that Bogan was pulling when he entered Mexico, according to Bogan and Spector, apparently Bogan was not in “possession” of the load. Strange legal theory if you ask me.

Spector also made the asinine comment that Bogans release was a “historic victory.” A victory over what one might ask. It shows the Mexican judicial system, acting independent under recent judicial reforms, worked in Bogan’s favor.

Spector went on to say;

“For the first time, a man comes back with his family within months after being imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit,”

And again, we have to ask, who had possession of the ammuntion? Jabin Akeem “Wrong Way” Bogan!

And who was convicted of possession of said ammunition? and again, the anser is Jabin Akeem “Wrong Way” Bogan…

Spector, who is a fairly successful immigration attorney in El Paso, helping rich Mexicans obtain asylum from the dwindling violence in Cd. Juarez, perhaps should stick to an area of law he is more suited for.

Spector went on to say that they really didn’t do much to defend Bogan, not wanting to enter a “not guilty” plea that could put him away for the maximum.

Little attention was paid to the man who did all the work on this case, Bogan’s lawyer in Mexico, Emilio de la Rosa who sat calmly during the presser just shy of the camera while Spector, Bogan, mommy and a city councilman who got a resolution passed by the El Paso city council in the summer, demanding Bogan’s release, hogged the limelight.

As for Bogan, he perhaps gave a clue in his comments to the small crowd of media who attended the event when he spoke of being the only black American in the prison, sometimes wanting to commit suicide, other times wanting to kill one of his fellow inmates, not having visitors, few and brief phone calls and being treated “bad” in prison.

He chose not to elaborate on the latter comment citing Mexico might be listening. We imagine he’ll be saving that for later when he is invited on certain internet radio programs that have a habit of bashing Mexico every chance they get or for some of the “pity parties” he is certain to be invited to on trucking radio in the mornings. We’ll have to wait and see.

For now, Bogan is back home in Dallas where he had a long awaited and touching reunion with his 6 year old son at the DFW airport Friday night. The guys got a niche looking son, ditto the wife and hopefully he’ll take all of that into consideration as he plans his life forward. Bogan indicated he wants to return to driving a truck, God help us all, but it is doubtful there will be many rushing to hire “Wrong Way” Bogan

As for his mistaken entry into Mexico? It is what it is, his story and he’s sticking to it for now. If it was a mistake as he claims, it was a very stupid mistake, in all likelihood caused by inattention, possibly texting or do something else to distract him from his duties, and 7 months in a Mexican federal prison is an appropriate punishment.

That brings us to the end of Bogans odyssey, something we never intended to follow or look into until his “supporters” and others decided to be very vocal about Mexico not having the right to enforce it’s laws against American citizens. So far us, unless something outrageous happens or is said in the near future, this is the end of the Bogan story for Mexico Trucker Online.

A big thanks to our colleague Heather Pontruff of TRUCKERS VOICE for her invaluable help in uncovering valuable hidden facts about Bogan and his past and being very supportive of our efforts here to counter the exaggerations and spin of his supporters.

And even more thanks go to Evan Lockridge of THE LOCKRIDGE REPORT on SiriusXM Channel 106 for his interest in this and for inviting me on his show from time to time as an ongoing contributor about Bogan and other matters.

With that folks, we return back to our normal programming.

[info_box]In the above video from the carefully scripted presser, Bogan refuses to accept responsibility, blames a four wheeler and his GPS for his inattentiveness and hints at what he perceives as “mistreatment” by Mexican authorities. It should be noted that Bogan appears the picture of good health, no marks or bruises and the boy hasn’t missed a meal in quite a while. [/info_box]