Teamsters and OOIDA “punked” by FMCSA

The headline from OOIDA reads;

OOIDA comments prompt second look at cross-border applicant which is true to a point.

OOIDA’s protest outlined research of the vehicle identification numbers from inspection reports contained on FMCSA’s CSA website and questioned whether Grupo Behr would be using a 1991 Class 8 Freightliner, which does not comply with the EPA requirement for vehicles of model year 1998 or later.

Well, as it turns out, Grupo Behr has no intention of using the 1991 Freightliner, nor the Ford 8 passenger van that was termed a “gross polluter” during a smog check and repaired and passed the same day.

However, OOIDA made the erroneous claim that they’d succeeded in stalling the cross border program which they hadn’t.

The Teamsters soon to be ex President James P. Hoffa wins the dumbass of the month award for claiming;

The fly-by-night Tijuana operator passed a preliminary inspection last month — a colossal bungling by transportation officials. The carrier has one unsafe, 20-year-old semi-tractor trailer that our government designated a ‘gross polluter.’ If this is the cream of the crop of Mexican operators, we can only imagine what will be crossing our border in the future.

This delay proves what we’ve been saying all along: Opening the border to dangerous Mexican trucks is not in the interest of Americans. It will cost thousands of truck and warehouse jobs that we so desperately need, it will undermine border security, it will pollute our air and it will harm the driving public.

The pathetic little idiot can’t even get his facts straight.

We here at Mexico Trucker Online have been suspicious all along that the FMCSA would approve a 1991 Freightliner Class 8 tractor as well as a couple of 1989 GMC straight trucks to participate in the Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program and has usually been the case, we were correct all along.

Teamsters and OOIDA were thoroughly “PUNKED” by the FMCSA through assumption and using SMS records on inspections conducted on only some of Grupo Behr’s trucks. Keep in mind that Grupo Behr has for years held special operating authority to conduct business to specific points in the US.

According to newly released records by the FMCSA the trucks Grupo Behr will be using to participate in the Mexican Cross Border Program are:


The 1993 Freightliner, while I would question it’s suitability to participate in the program, was not the one listed in OOIDA’s comments to the FMCSA on this carrier.

Goes to show what happens when you jump the gun and assume. The folks at OOIDA would do well to follow our example and have their ducks in a row before they offer an opinion.