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Operation 30 DELTA in force until April 4 in Mexico

Mexico’s Secretariat of Communications and Transportation, through the Directorate General of Protection and Preventive Medicine Transportation (DGPMPT), once again has implemented the Operation 30 Delta during the Easter holiday period on all roads and across all modes of the Mexican transportation industry. This operation will remain active until 4 April 2016. The purpose of 30 Delta is

Mexico’s nationwide “30 DELTA” results in an Out of Service rate of 0.2% of transportation workers

We reported earlier this month on Operation 30 DELTA, a plan by Mexico’s Secretaria de Comunicacions y Transportes (SCT) to conduct random medical and toxicological screenings nationwide on the countries transportation workers. The goal was to test 150,000 workers in the airline, trucking, maritime and rail industry. At the time, we thought this to be