New initiative aims to curb abuse by Oversize/Overweight haulers in Mexico

Concerned with trucks hauling oversize/overweight loads that exceed Federal size and weight limits, Zepahua Lilian Garcia, a Deputy in the lower chamber of the Mexican Congress from the state of Veracruz,  has introduced a bill to reform provisions of Mexico’s Motor Carrier Law. Her bill would require that owners and drivers of trucks registered in Mexico

Increased accident rate in Mexico caused by excessive size and weight according to CONATRAM

According to statistics released by CAPUFE recently in response to a request under Mexico’s transparency laws, 5,321 accidents involving big rigs pulling doubles or three axles single trailers have been reported in the period between January 2011 and March of 2013. These numbers have skyrocketed since 2009 when only 748 were reported on Mexico’s 54