So what’s up with Swift Transportation a week later?

It’s been what, a week now, since the news everyone was talking about was the multi agency raid on Swift Transportations Memphis terminal and truck driving school, or was it the Tennessee Department of Safety, on site license office. Things tend to get blurred when nobody knows anything but everyone’s an expert.

So what’s going on? Is Swift actually planning to cut 3,000 jobs in the next 6 weeks as one commenter suggested?

Is the Securities and Exchange Commission after Jerry Moyes ass again for insider trading or stock manipulation as they were in 2005?

Or perhaps is the State of Tennessee looking for a crooked employee issuing bogus licenses? It appears we’ll have to wait until someone comes out with a press release, someone other than Swift Transportation, that is.

TDOS CheckpointBut looking around, I did discover something interesting. This news release from TDHS from last year, shows a roadside operation using basically the same agencies as were present for last weeks “raids”.

The multi-agency event included members of TEMA, TBI, TDOT, TDEC, the Tennessee National Guard, the federal Department of Homeland Security, FBI, ATF, TSA, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, RAD Health and several local police agencies. Nuclear detection devices were utilized at several checkpoints to identify radio-active materials. Three were found but determined to be legal shipments.

Everyone who has been on the road a while is aware of the overkill Tennessee engages in when they go on a tear. Matter of fact, I passed through one of these north of Chattanooga a couple of weeks ago. Didn’t realize it at the time, but was curious about all the trailer’s, various LE vehicles and satelite uplinks in the rest area.

Perhaps this is more of the same but for a different purpose. The whole operation could probably have been conducted with a team of detectives and a search warrant.

So we continue to wait.

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