Promiles Releases Online Routing for Hispanic drivers

ProMiles and Mexico TruckerPro-Miles Software has released what is says is the first online routing application targeted at the Hispanic driver segment of our industry at

Statistics from the US Department of Labor indicate that Hispanic drivers make up almost 20% of the workforce, making Hispanics the largest minority in the US long haul driver demographic.

The projected driver shortage, combined with the continued push to allow more Mexican based companies to operate beyond the 25 mile commercial zones indicate that this percentage will continue to grow in the future.

“We believe having the ability to view the driving directions in Spanish would be appropriate for many drivers” said Tom Pilcher, ProMiles President of Support and Development. “Especially in metropolitan areas with a significant number of one-way streets or low clearances, driving directions can become complex and confusing, depending on the actual destination.

Utilizing ProMiles routing software, the new Web site,, allows drivers to calculate distance between two points, driving directions and estimated driving time, as well as view the average price of diesel fuel in each state.

The Web site also provides links to state road conditions and weather forecasts as well as other valuable driver information.