Oh, the hate and rancor being let out!

As I continue to monitor the “comments” concerning the proposed Demonstration Project”, I can only shake my head in wonder and disgust at the stupidity some of these folks are displaying.

Here’s another comment that caught my eye. Rather well written in regards to the others, but still, the person leaving this doesn’t have a clue.

I am completely OPPOSED to the Mexican truck pilot program.
It doesn't matter if you choose to call it a pilot program or a 
demonstration program. This is a Pilot Program and all rules and procedures 
pertaining to a Pilot Program should be followed! 
Your half-hearted assurances that the program is "good to go" 
and that all regulations 
will be met are not only unacceptable but they are unbelievable. 
The efforts to fast-track this program through are also unacceptable. 
Mary Peters has said that the American public has been fully informed 
about this program. 
Is she kidding??!!! Don't insult our intelligence! 
The public outside the transportation industry knows NOTHING about this program!
Currently, all U.S. commercial drivers must hold a valid commercial 
drivers license 
with a verifiable driving record and are required to be drug and alcohol tested. 
Mexico has no such requirements for its drivers. 
Nor has the Mexican government established the NAFTA-required database 
of its commercial drivers. How is it that you can verify these things when their 
own government cannot? Why are you refusing to provide proof of your claims? 
Are we expected to believe that all requirements have been met because you "say so"? 
How many of the hand-picked 100 carriers are a TRUE representation of a typical 
Mexican carrier? Not many, I'd say since most are owned by U.S. companies.
Have all CVSA enforcement officers been completely trained for this program? 
The comments that I've heard is that most don't know the first thing about 
the program 
nor how they are supposed to enforce it.
The U.S. has a severe shortage of truck parking. 
Have you given serious consideration as to where all these trucks will park 
during their 10-hour rest period?

What agency will be responsible for administering the I-94 visas? 
How can you ensure that a driver who is given a visa to enter the 
U.S. will not abandon 
his or her truck after crossing the border and disappear. 
We cannot control the people crossing the border illegally now!
You are concerned about the safety of the trucks entering the U.S. 
but you are not as concerned with the people driving them.As far as the 
reciprocal agreement to allow U.S. trucks into Mexico...
U.S. drivers do NOT want to go into Mexico. 
Do you plan to hire armed escorts for every U.S. truck to ensure the safety of 
our drivers?I disagree with John Hill's comment that "
this program will be good for the American Economy". 
Perhaps you should ask those Americans who have lost their 
jobs because their employers 
have moved to Mexico 
if they consider this program "good for the economy"
?This demonstration program, as you call it, must not only be delayed, 


WoW! I can imagine this person sitting at their computer, teeth gnashing, furiously pounding out these words, their little panties in a bunch, furious, than anyone would dare disagree with them. Well I am about to do just that! We can tell this is a frequent listener, perhaps caller to The Trucking Bozo or his son’s show on 700WLW & The American Trucking Network Perhaps this week since little Stevie Sommers has been on his cruise, they have been listening to Eric “Bubba Bo” Boulanger, who shares some of the same misguided views.

Let us explore these comments in detail.

  1. Mexico has the same although somewhat tougher standards for a Mexican driver to obtain the Licensia Federal, which is the equivalent to the U.S. CDL. Still not convinced?[cref mexican-licencia-federal Read the requierments for a Mexican CDL from the government website! ]
  2. Violations for Mexican commercial drivers are stored in the LFIS database and while not perfect, is adequate.
  3. Drug testing is done by Mexican certified labs in conjunction with the required medical testing and physicals by government authorized medical facilities and labs.
  4. CVSA enforcement officers are WELL TRAINED in the international inspection protocol laid out by CVSA Guidlines Mexico has been a participating member since the inception of the CVSA. No special training is required of the inspectors as the protocol is the same for all trucks, be they Canadian, American or Mexican.
  5. The I-94 Visa will be administered by the same agency that administers all I-94 Visas.The U.S. State Department
  6. I expect plenty of American drivers will wish to explore the new frontier Mexico has to offer. Once they realize the bullshit is just that, bullshit, about the safety of trucks and people in Mexico.

Issue raised, answers provided once again!

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