Mexico releases list of articles subject to tariff’s

Mexico’s Economy Secretary Gerardo Ruiz Mateos, released the list of products to be subject to retaliatory tariff’s for the United States continuing violation of our NAFTA obligations.

Fruits and vegetables, juices, wines and Christmas trees are among the products that will be subjected to the tariff.  Most agricultural products will be assessed punitive import tariffs of 20 percent, while some other goods will be charged duties of up to 40 percent.

 The duties will take effect on March 19.  Mexico did not specify how long the retaliatory tariffs will remain in place, but said it would reconsider them as soon as the U.S. comes up with a trucking program to replace the pilot program.

The translated list is available for download HERE

A call was made this afternoon to the offices of OOIDA concerning the retaliatory tariff’s. The person who would not identify themselves said OOIDA was taking a “wait and see” approach to the issue because they were certain that Mexico was “bluffing”!

Considering OOIDA is equally responsible with the Teamster’s for bringing us to this point, it is not surprising they are doing the backward two step of denial.