It’s official! Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has solved the problem of violence in Mexico

EPN Press Conference
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, with Luis Videgaray Caso and Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong (his Secretaries of Finance and Interior, respectively)
PHOTO: Miguel Dimayuga
Mexican President Erique Pena Nieto said he would do it. Sending troops back to their barracks and turning prosecution of the wars between criminal organizations over to local, State and Federal Police forces and in his first 100 days, well, the soldiers are still on the streets, ( as they should be) but you won’t be seeing anything more of the arrests, perp walks, identification of the accused or who they work for anymore. Problem solved right? It all goes away.

It’s Official. States Agree to Follow Fed Policy of Not Releasing Nicknames or Identity of Cartels

The agreement came off the second security meeting held on 12 March with Interior Secretary Leon, Miguel Osorio Chong, and the governors of Nuevo Leon (Rodrigo Medina), Coahuila (Ruben Moreira), Tamaulipas (Egidio Torre ) and San Luis Potosi (Fernando Toranzo), to the northeast of the country.

Domene Jorge Zambrano, a spokesman for security in the state, confirmed that from the working session, it was determined that the states would follow the same approach of the federal government, which no longer exhibits the detainees (perp walks), no longer identify suspects by their nicknames, nor the criminal groups to which they belong.

Nor will they identify  the amounts of money they received for doing illegal work, or their occupations as plaza boss,  assassins, hawks or other designations to explain the suspects place in the criminal ladder.

Domene Zambrano said that this new procedure “will facilitate the work of the media”. The media will be provided a press release by the government agencies giving a narrative of the facts and photos provided by the govt.

This policy will apply to all levels of govt., the federal, state and municipalities.  Those who fail to comply with the new guidelines will be reported to the Secretariat for Media Relations of the Interior Ministry, but are not told what sanction will be imposed if they do not comply.

For his part, Gov. Rodrigo Medina (Nuevo Leon)  said that with this new format of communication will end competition that existed between the three levels of government to spread the news about crime.

“With this format we want to be strong against crime, but not to advertise criminal organizations, because studies show that promotion might encourage young people or children who may be attracted to these activities that are detrimental to our living, and also will  protect the human rights of those arrested, “he said.

So in my opinion, in effect, the government is no longer going to acknowledge that the cartels exist.  But don’t despair, just ask any 6 year old in Mexico the name of the cartels and who are the leaders.  They can tell you even if the govt. won’t.


So how’s that working out?

Policia-CDG Rio Bravo Tamaulipas
RíoBravo – Fotografia donde aparece un Policia Municipal de La Cd. de Rio Bravo, Tamps, platicando con personas del crimen organizado, Estos dos vehículos son parte de la guardia personal del jefe local del CDG. En dicha foto se nota las marcas de los vehículos así como el número de la patrulla donde se desplazaba el Comandante de la Policia R-33. Uno que pensaba que ya no veríamos a los delincuentes dar ordenes en público a los policías pero parece que lo seguiremos viendo.

Not to tar good people with the same brush and granted, there are many good honest cops at all levels in Mexico, and some for their honesty and dedication to their jobs, pay for it with their lives.

EPN wants to pull the military back to the barracks as previously stated, and leave the law enforcement to the police.

A photograph made available yesterday shows the problem with that scenario.

The photo, shown at the right shows a municipal policeman from the small town of Rio Bravo Tamaulipas apparently sharing information with people in two vehicles which are known bodyguards of the plaza boss for the CDG in that town. One would think they could at least be a bit more discreet about it.