Good weekend for Federal Police in Mexico with pot seizures totaling 45 tons

Drug Seizure Tijuama
Federal, State and local police with assistance of the Mexican army raided a warehouse in Tijuana BC seizing 42 tons of marijuana.

Nearly 40 tons of marijuana was found by during a combined operation by units  of the Municipal Police and the Mexican Army in a warehouse in Tijuana B.C. . This was disclosed after the Federal Public Ministry staged the raid yesterday afternoon.

Officials speaking on condition of anonymity said  that more than 39 tons were seized from within this “narcobodega”, located in the colony “Granjas Familiares del Matamoros”,  where on April 29 authorities observed  men transferring drugs between two trucks, which was of 1.6 tons of marijuana.
Yesterday afternoon, one district judge allowed into the MPF and agents from the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), to attest to what was inside, where it had estimated to the naked eye there were 20 tons, but later discovered underground cache,  which raised the seizure more than 39 tons.
In total,  nearly 42 tons was confiscated in the raid.  If  it were sold in the United States, it would command a  price of $ 50 million.

Meanwhile in south central Mexico,  Mexican Federal Highway Police seized  2500 kilos of marijuana hidden in a shipment of bananas in San Luis Potosi.

SLP drug bust
Meanwhile in south central Mexico, Federal Highway Police seized 2500 kgs of marijuana destined for safe houses on the border.

The National Safety Commission reported that the seizure took place at a checkpoint at kilometer 60 of the Mexico-Piedras Negras, in the San Luis Potosi-Núñez stretch.

Authorities became suspicious when the driver of the truck acted nervously.
“In carrying out an inspection, with the intervention of canine support of the Federal Police, one of the dogs trained in narcotics detection, made a positive reaction while in the cargo area.”
Among the boxes of fruit from Michoacan, they  located 246 rectangular packages wrapped with masking tape, with an approximate weight of 10 kilos each, which contained green grass with marijuana  characteristics.